Binom Review 2019: Ultimate Click Tracker for Online Marketer

Binom Tracking Tool

If you are into Affiliate marketing then you might already know that a reliable tracker is one of the most important tools for running a profitable and transparent campaign. Trackers help you monitor revenue, conversions & media buying. Nobody wants to spend time working on those campaigns which are not contributing enough. The more time and other resources you save, the more money you make – Time is Money.

Binom Overview

Binom Ultimate Tracking Tool

Binom is considered to be one of the most popular trackers among affiliate professionals. It is a self-hosted tracking platform, offering huge amount of data management & functionality with just a couple of clicks. Along with huge info it provides the core essential data which helps with making important decisions for your campaigns, landing pages, offers, traffic sources, conversions, affiliate networks etc.

The platform is designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers to bring out the best from your CPA campaigns. Their approach is quite advanced since it offers most of their tools at an affordable price. Which is affordable for beginners as well.

To identify which landing pages are not converted, surveys are performed. This gives them more attention to increasing frequency limits. One of the special features of Binom is that it allows users to fully access the landing pages without being redirected.

Binom Features & Functionalities:

Some of the most important features of this tools are:

  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load.
  • It routinely deals with up to 15 million clicks per day.
  • It is well optimised and user-friendly multi-user system with different access rights.
  • As far as I see, it has the highest speed of report generation in the market.
  • Excellent support, with an average response time of less than 2 minutes.
  • Grouping of Campaign Reports
  • Finally, as a self-hosted tracker it guarantees absolute data safety and confidentiality

All Features:

Lander Protection

It is a simple yet powerful feature which blocks the direct access to your landing page without having a LP token from your campaign URL. In simple words, it means if any user wants to copy and share your campaign with someone else or just wants to open it in any other browser but they don’t have the campaign URL they won’t be able to see it.

Smart Rotation

Another most powerful feature of Binom is that it works great when you’re into testing multiple offers. Instead of sending people randomly to your funnel page, this type of distribution automatically detects the user and sends them to different paths if they open the campaign link several times.

It simple means that the visitor will be able to see different paths of your campaign and there are high chances of conversion even if they haven’t converted the 1st time.

Custom Events

Binom makes it possible for users to add up to 10 custom events on the landing page which can pass back info to keep an eye on various indicators like screen resolution, scroll percents, bots and many more. All of these details can be displayed in the reporting columns like other variables from the tracker. This will help online marketers to optimise their campaigns on a new and more or less unpecedented level.


It is capable of tracking user behaviour/actions performed on landing pages, exit points, browser settings etc. It also helps in tracking cities, proxy, connection type. With greater precision tracking Binom tracks devices & connections too.

Plan & Pricing:

The regular monthly price for a Binom license is $99. This includes the access for one server, unlimited clicks, unlimited domains and lifetime updates. Along with each domain setup on the platform you will also get free SSL set up. You will also get Free 24×7 support, Skype, live-chat, email, Tracker installation guide and Server setup.

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Let me know what do you think about Binom in the comments below! Which tracker do you use and why?

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