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Black Friday 2015 Infographics : Night Owls Vs Early Birds

Black Friday 2015 Night Owl Vs Early Birds

According to survey of Black Friday Shopping of 2014, I am writing this post which will help shopkeepers, affiliate marketers get more sale. As this post infographics includes what drive customers/buyers crazy, how, when and why they shop and what are their strategies to find and choose best deals. So before we proceed to inforgraphics lets have a brief introduction about Black Friday types of shoppers you will have.

Types of Black Friday 2015 Shoppers

Basically there are two kinds of Black Friday Shoppers –

  1. Night Owls 
  2. Early Birds

Black Friday Night Owls: Those Black Friday Shoppers who leave their houses before 5 AM!

Black Friday Early Birds: Those Black Friday Shoppers who leave their houses after 5 AM!

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The infographic below highlights some of the key points that will help all Black Friday shopkeepers to make some plans to get more sales. Here we go:

  • Overall, 53% of Night Owls and 38% of Early birds say “They love it” when asked how they felt of sales of black Friday starting early from Thursday and extending to Sunday.
  • Around 75% of Night Owls are shopping for electronics as compared to 60% of early bird shoppers.
  • Most of the Night Owls are likely to get most of their shopping completed – Around 63% complete more than half of their shopping on Black Friday, in comparison to Early Birds only 42% complete more than half of their Black Friday Shopping.
  • While both sets of shoppers are quite interested in finding great deals, 40% of Night owls say they enjoy competition as compared to Early Birds only 24%.

Black Friday 2015 Shoppers Night Owl Vs Early Birds

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Are you a Black Friday Shopper? Then who you are Black Friday Night Owls or Black Friday Early Birds ? Share with us in comments below

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