3 Ways to Write Blog Post that makes Money {Like Harsh Agrawal}

How to Write blog Post That makes Money

Do you want to write blog post which makes money on consistent basis for lifetime ? There are many bloggers whose income depends on sponsored reviews, Adsense, direct advertisements etc. But today in this post i will tell you How Pro bloggers make money from their blog for lifetime.

Few weeks ago, I was reading some pro bloggers like Harsh Agrawal, Matthew Woodward income reports and found some of their powerful ways of making money from blogs, and they doesn’t make money just for one day but they are making money using this ways for lifetime.

How to Writeblog Post That makes Money

If you will follow this ways from beginning, then i can assure that you will also start making money like them soon. But one need hard work, smart work, dedication and patience to see it result. In this article i will tell you How to write blog posts which make money and remaining work depends on you how you do it !

I had started a Money Making Blog Series for Newbies! in which i had promised my audience, those who will follow this guide truly will surely start making money till end. And this blog post is an essential part of my Money Making Blog Series. I know there are many bloggers who are earning much and publish their monthly income report on their blog, i have not mentioned them all here because this post is not about those who make money but this is about How to write blog post that makes money for life.

3 Ways to Write Blog Post that makes Money

So let’s start, these are the three ways these pro bloggers write their post which makes money for lifetime.

1. Tutorials :

These pro bloggers are making money from their blog on auto pilot, if you also want to make money like them then you must create tutorials for some essential products in your niche. For Example : If your niche is WordPress, you can write tutorials on WordPress Web hosts, Templates etc. You will not believe they are making a lot of money from affiliate program with this tutorials. You can also write tutorials on some paid products which are very essential in your niche. Don’t forget to use Screenshots, Videos and your affiliate link in those in-depth tutorials.

How to Write Blog Post that makes Money on Autopilot

If you will give a look at Harsh Agrawal September Income report you will find that, GoDaddy Affiliate program works much better. When you will look at his blog you will find various tutorial on How to Register Domain Name and many more like this.

Harsh try to update his tutorial post frequently with some little tweaks and changes, he try to make it more SEO friendly to rank it high on Google. More traffic you get from Search engine more conversion you will have.

2. Reviews :

Reviewing some necessary product and adding affiliate link is another way to write blog post which makes money on auto pilot. To increase conversion, you should review only those products you have used before. Because if you use those product you can write an in-depth detail review which will tell your audience to How effective that product is and how that product will help your readers in growing.

Don’t just write product review for sake earning money, just do an in depth review which keep telling your readers that they need that product! You can only force your readers to buy product by just arising a feeling of need of that. If you are unable to develop that feeling among your audience, than chances of earning commission is very low.

3. Creating Coupon Codes :

Now a days you will rarely find any people who buy product online without looking for discount coupons for it. Using Coupons are nice way to save money while shopping online. By using coupons Affiliate and User both get benefits as Affiliate get his commission while Buyer save his money while shopping.

A long time ago, i had joined Hostgator Affiliate program and had made one Video post using 2 coupons and after few days i forget that video was at work until i found payment from Hostgator few days ago on my Paypal.

History – PayPal


NB : Coupon Codes will credit your account with commission even if someone else cookies is stored in the buyer browser.

These are some of the ways pro bloggers use to make money from their blog on Auto-Pilot. You just have to do in-depth review, creating coupons, develop feeling of need and finding necessary products. Start following this steps and in couple of month you will start making money from your blog.

In next part we will discuss How to get Where to get Images for blog and How to optimize it for better SEO. If you have any queries or views you can leave it in comment below.

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