How We Bloggers Make Money Online (Infographic)

How Bloggers Make Money Online

Many people didn’t actually know how bloggers make money online, even their are many new bloggers who didn’t know how different variety of bloggers are making money online and what are their source of earning.

If you are one of them then this Infographic is for you, in this infographic i had tried to explain different variety of bloggers, their sources of earning and their estimated monthly Income.

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How Bloggers Make Money Online (Infographic)

How Bloggers make Money Online

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So this was all about How different varieties of Bloggers are making money online i had also included freelancer and entrepreneur in this infographic. This is my 1st infographic whole designed by me, i hope you like it. Don’t forget to share and if use on any blog don’t forget to give credit.

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  1. Hello Suprabhat Bro, Your 1st Infographic is Really Pretty Awesome 🙂 I will share this Infographic on My Blog 🙂 Keep Sharing this type Of Infographic 😉

  2. Actually the Event Blogger (which in my understanding and terminology, is better known as a Social Blogger) makes money by making appearances at these events (i.e. be paid to cover a story of the event). And makes extra money by advertising a block of white space on the website with host of the event. Other than that, the rest is good.

    Just wanna add a few other types of Bloggers that I know of:
    News Blogger – A blogger that doesn’t really blog. Just pulls RSS Feed of relevant news sites or networks and dump them into the blog. Makes money solely on traffic viewing Ad Networks.

    Educational Blogger – A blogger that knows a lot about a subject and posts tutorial format articles on the blog. Makes money by selling an online course behind them or be hired as a coach. Much like the entrepreneur blogger.

    Photo Blogger – Someone who posts high-quality images regularly to show how well the pictures were taken. Makes money by selling the photos on license (i.e. sold on photo networks) and being hired as a professional photographer.

    Influencer Blogger – Reviews what matters on a specific category or topic or niche and gets paid to do it. This person has high influence, thus making the reviews a very impactful thing to have on a business’s product/service. Makes money by reviewing products on hire, beta testing products, being affiliated and ads.

    That’s all I got.
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  3. Hi, Article is really cool and infographic states very clear information about how bloggers can make money and various strategies, thanks

  4. no doubt infographics are playing vital role in blogging for example this post only check out how colorful and catchy it is thanks for the post
    , am looking for free infographic tool once i prefect will use in my blog , could any one suggest is there any free tool to create infographics .

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