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Blogging Concept – How Blogging Would Be in 2016

Blogging Concept 2016

Few days back I was sleeping, In night I saw a dream and it was totally related to blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization and many more all the stuffs were related to the Digital World. I used to forget my dreams as I wake up in morning but unfortunately I didn’t forget this one. So I decided to share my dream which was totally related to blogging with everyone.

I am pretty sure that the things which I saw in dreams will happen in real life for sure in 2016 or in future. According to the trend and huge competition in blogging it has been quite tough to survive this competition with the old tricks. New tricks and technique will evolve in blogging once saturation state arrives. Coming back to my Dream :P, I have categorized everything and added a little bit of extras what I want in blogging, SEO and SMM.

How Blogging Would Be in 2016

In this article you will not only get to know about Blogging but also about Social media marketing and search engine optimization as well. Here we go :

1. Blogging in 2016 :

As automation is taking place in the whole world, similarly automation has taken place in my dream as well. I was sitting in front of Laptop on a bean bag with a mic in my hand. What I was doing was just speaking the points I want that should be in my upcoming article.

Blogging in Future 2016

How it was working ?

Actually I guess there was some kind of software which are converting my spoken words in text i.e Speech to Text converter. By using it I was completing my article without typing a single word, everything was going automatically with the words spoken by me. It was helping me in saving my time and we all know “Time is Money“.

2. Social Media Marketing in 2016 :

We all know social media marketing is the must that has to be done to increase brand value, brand awareness, traffic and many things like many giant industries like Apple, Nike etc does, which help them in selling their products at premium price.

Social Media Marketing in Future 2016

In future there will be many platforms which will help everyone blogger, internet marketers, small business and entrepreneurs in creating social buzz for their products on various popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc. Which will help everyone driving traffic hence money in pockets.

What I was doing in my dreams was, I was sharing my links on those platforms and those platforms were helping me in getting millions of social shares easily on everything automation.

3. Search Engine Optimization in 2016 :

We all know SEO has changed a lot if you look back in previous years, SEO used to be quite easy in 2008 but in some years it has changed a lot, there is a lot of competition, one have to create proper strategies, even after that ranking on Top of SERP is not sure.

SEO in future 2016

Right now, there are many software’s, web services who do your SEO and take money for it. But it is not that effective, some build spam links which led you to hit by some Google penalty or those software doesn’t work at all.

But in future, there will be many directories where you will have to submit your blog links once, after that they will automatically update their directory once you publish new post and in return you will get do follow backlinks, there will be many other ways in which OFF page SEO will get automated.

Conclusion :

In shorts, my dream was just telling me that everything will get automated in future, so be prepare for it. We will have to adapt according to this changes. I know this post might be quite unrealistic but might be this things might come in Blogging 2016.

Let me know what you think about Blogging Concept 2016, also share it with others and let them put their views over here. Thanks for reading!

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