5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Enagement

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Engagement!

Do you own a Facebook page with huge fans but as compared to fans your page fan engagement is quite low ? Do you want to boost this Facebook page fan engagement, not only fan engagement but also the post reach ? Then you are at right place 🙂 In this post we will discuss some 5 easy ways to boost Facebook fan engagement.

I am sure you know that Facebook reach is going down day by day with new algorithm updates. You might try updating your page but you will find that it doesn’t help anymore. Right ? Don’t worry anymore we will help you grow your Facebook fan engagement.

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Enagement

Why to use Facebook for Marketing ?

Facebook is one of the best platform to promote anything rather it is a blog, business or anything. Facebook marketing is one of the must thing any one should do to start creating buzz around the world. It is responsible for many many of success story of entrepreneurs, musician, bands, small business and many more.

Most of us use Facebook just to remain connected with friends, yes even I do it. But now a days facebook is used as a Marketing tool majorly by everyone and it is considered as one of the most effective marketing tool for promotion.

Recently on 24th of August i.e Monday on that day 1 billion people used Facebook. 1 in every 7 people on earth used Facebook to get connect with their friends and family. According to latest polls result Facebook has taken over from Google in terms of traffic source for news.

Note :- Make sure you provide the best quality and unique content to your fans!

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Engagement

Follow this easiest way to boost Facebook fan engagement :

1.Understand Your Audience :

Before you start posting anything you need to understand what your audience likes the most, what niche they would like, which kind of post they would like most text post or image post etc. You can identify this things by visiting your Facebook Page Insight, After getting all the above answers keep posting similar post which get most engagement. I am sure this will help you in keeping your fans engaged.

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2. Run Fan Contest :

This is one of the best way to boost Facebook fan engagement, everybody like to get free stuff, if you would like to give something for free to your fans then I am sure no fan will stop himself/herself from interacting with your posts. Facebook fan contest is one of the easiest way to get new fans, leads, engagement and post reach.

3. Use Some Sense Of Humor :

From this point I mean post something funny which will make your fans happy but it doesn’t means you should start posting memes which are not related to your post but you can create memes with trending images and relate them with your niche and post them. I am sure this will help you reach another level of fan engagement.

Why Funny and trolls work every time to get more engagement ? People use Facebook mostly when they get bored, if your post can make them happy surely they would interact with them, in return you get more engagement.

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4. Create Polls :

Creating polls asking question is another easiest and best way to increase engagement. You might have seen many post with some tricky maths question, how many times you have answered them let me guess if you have seen five such post then you surely you have answered those question at least thrice.

This is one of the best way to find your fans choice, what they like and what they dislike, suppose you have two products you can ask question which product you will choose. Similarly if your page is about movies niche, you can compare between two actors or actress over there.

5. It’s not about Like, It is all about Engagement :

If you have succeed in building Facebook page with many fans but they are not at all engaged then it will be no issue as they will never gonna interact with your post every time. So rather than increasing fans try to focus on getting engaged fans.

There are many ways to get Facebook likes, you can exchange them get they with some black hat methods but what will be use of them ? If you can’t get them engaged with your posts.

“Grow Gradually but Ideally”

I hope this 5 ways will surely help you in boosting Facebook fan engagement. Let me know what you think about this post, if you have any more points to add in this post let me know in comments below. So that I can update this post. Don’t forget to share it among your friends and business partners 😛

8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Engagement!”

  1. Avatar of Mairaj

    Hi Suprabhat,

    Very well said its not about like, it is all about engagement. No doubt Facebook is an awesome marketing solution through which bloggers and online marketers get maximum benefits. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic post once again 🙂

  2. Avatar of Kees Aandelen

    Nowadays Facebook has even more traffic than Google in returning traffic. People tend to stay on Facebook for a long time. So involving Facebook people with your site could give you a great income.

  3. Avatar of siddaiah

    Hi Suprabhat,

    Facebook fan reach is going down day by day, I thinking to do something about it, fortunately, I come across this article, I will start implementing some of the tips above like, polls, contests and user engagement, thanks for sharing the valuable information about Facebook fan engagement, see you soon with another article.
    siddaiah recently posted…GetResponse Review By Its Features And BenefitsMy Profile

  4. Avatar of Vivek

    “Run some contest” – This is probably the most popular and effective way to get the fans engaged with our facebook page. Although using sense of humour – is a rare trend of page owners, not all have it 😉

  5. Avatar of Sapna Choudhary

    I definitely think of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the hardest to engage. This is a nice simple guide to get people started though…I find that funny pictures/quotes always get the most likes and shares as well.

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