Super Effective Broken Link Building Guide with Check My Links

Broken link Building guide Special

What will we learn ? Today in this blog post, we will discuss the importance of a Chrome extension Check my Links and use it to find broken link and build your own links through broken link building technique.

Are link building easy? No, they are not. There used to be time when you would write an article, get them published and submit them through article submission sites and then get a chunk of links through scrapebox and other back linking tools to get it ranked. But the traditional link building strategy would no more do you a favor.

Backlink will certainly remain one of the highly motivating ranking factors. As seen in the image below, 22.33% of ranking is done with the help of link popularity of the specific page, meanwhile 20.26% depends on the Anchor texts related to the links. About 23.87% of ranking factor depends on the Trust and Authority of the domain, so backlink is about trust and popularity these days completely different from what it used to be during the reign of backlink webspam.

Components of Google Ranking Algorithms

From NeilPatel.com

When it comes to white hat linking, broken link building that was neglected back during the web spam link regime has now highly gained popularity.

There are different ways to make backlinks, however broken link building is one that has been referred by many top notch like Neil Patel , Brain Dean and many more if you follow them.

When it comes about building links through this process, there are three steps that need to be followed and repeated so that to make sure you grab as many links as possible.

Step 1: Find Resources with Links to your related niche.

Step 2: Find Broken Link

Step 3: Email Outreach

Step 1: Find Resources with Links

You could use Google search strings in order to find resources that links to find out broken link building targets. There are literally thousands of keywords that you could use in order to find out the target.

Here are some keywords that could be used in order to find out the target keywords.

keyword + “resources”

keyword + intitle:resources

site:.gov keyword + “links”

site:.edu keyword + “recommended sites”

keyword + “related links”

Once you find out some resources with likely to having broken links, then you should scan the page with Check my Links plugin in order to find out broken links in the page.

Broken link Building guide

As we go through Google search as shown in the image above, we look for potential pages that might have links to external resources and find broken links within them.

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Step 2 : Finding the Broken Links

When its about finding the broken links on any page, nothing could be as absolute and easy to use as a free Google chrome extension called Check my Links . It is a free extension on Google Chrome that scans all the links on the pages and lets you know if it has any links on the page that are broken or linked to unavailable resources.

Broken Link Building Guide using Check My Links

Once you add the chrome extension , you will find a button to the extension as highlighted in the image above. Press the button and Check my Links extension will do rest of your work and notify you if there are any broken links in the page.

Check My Links Broken link Building Guide

After a quick scan, check my links will find if there are any invalid links and highlight it with red. You could easily go through the third process after you find the links.

Step 3 : Email Outreach , Ask for your links

Once you have a list of broken links on any page, just find the contact details of the webmaster and make a friendly remainder to ask him replace the broken link and add yours. If your resource is valuable enough, any webmaster would give you a link instead of a broken link on the resources pages.

Email Outreach Sample

You could ask the webmaster in this way,

Dear {name},

I was browsing through one of your blog post , {blog post URL} and found out some links on the pages were dead and not working.

These are the dead links,

link 1 , link 2, link 3 (as many as the page has)

I would also like to suggest a resources that could fit on your post instead {link to your blog post or blog}

Thank You

Or you could be as direct as possible, people would not hesitate to credit your with links.

Dear {name},

I was browsing through one of your blog post , {blog post URL} and found out some links on the pages were dead and not working.

These are the dead links,

link 1 , link 2, link 3 (as many as the page has)

Instead you could add a link to my website as it looks a fit and genuine resource for your blog post.

Thank you.

Just send these emails and start seeing results. As per my recent experience, I was able to get almost 12 backlinks in a week for my blog Dip Income . I experienced many people were selfish enough as they found the broken links through my email, removed or replaced the link to correct them but never bothered to email me or thank me back. There were some who thanked me back but never linked me back, while there were the third group of people who appreciated my help and linked me back.

Email Outreach Campaign reply

The email above shows one of the successful reply that I got. I have blurred the sender names for privacy purpose.


The broken link building is widely used technique and results very well. You get very good reactions from the webmasters when you point out faults on their side. Basically the process is three step process where you find resources page, get broken links and outreach the webmasters in order to get links from them.

Although the search strings usually finds good resources pages with links on it, usually the blogs that are published recently are updated and fresh with good links. So you may want to search for blog posts that are at least a year old.

For this you will have to customize Google search settings and find out posts those were published within the past years or within your custom date range.

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As shown in the image above, you could choose the time range inside the search tools to get old blog posts which might not have been updated with proper links.

Backlinking is all about putting effort and standing out of your competitors, go and build some decent backlinks with Check my Links.

You might be wondering that the writing style or what we say Typography of today’s Post is different from other posts, if you thought so you are absolutely right.
I am Dipendra , I am 8 years into Internet Marketing and Blogging on DipIncome.com . I am from Nepal and I am co Owner of a small IT company called Orange Tech that I financed through blogging.

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