5+1 Ways for building backlinks for Event Niche Blogs

Build Backlinks Event Niche Blogging

As we all know event niche blogging is one of the best source of earning money online, it look quite easy but only a event blogger know about it how difficult it is to rank a event niche blog before any event.

Today I am going to share various methods to build links for event niche blogs. Before we start, for those who don’t know “What is Event Niche Blogging?” Blogging for any specific event and ranking high on search engine at the day of event to earn money is known as Event Niche Blogging.

Build Backlinks Event Niche Blogging

Let’s Start :

Various Ways of Building Links for Event Niche Blogs

There are many of ways of building links, basically there are two types of links no follow and do follow where do follow links are considered as important links which affect search engine ranking, but one cannot neglect no follow links as it also helps sometimes when you are not ranking high on search engines but no follow links can help you drive referral traffic, I will tell you how but before that I will give you some tips which will surely help you rank high undoubtedly which are :

  • Get your domain registered using before 3-4 months of event date. >>How to Choose Good Domain Name<<
  • Write instantly 5-10 post so that it get indexed.
  • Do proper keyword research and target low competition keyword, and don’t forget to use LSI keywords.
  • Update your old post frequently (Most Important & Less known)
  • Ping your Blog URL before one day of event.

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1. Write Best Quality Article :

Writing best quality article will help you build natural backlinks, which is loved by Google and search engine will surely give your blog boost in SERP Or you can mail others and ask for giving link to your blog if it is related. So as I said above write best quality article before 3 months which will help you gain 100’s of natural contextual backlinks.

2. Create Awesome Infographics :

It is one of the best way of building backlinks and it gives high quality backlink without doing nothing except creating detailed attractive Infographic.

Neil Patel from QuickSprout is also using this method to build natural links for his long term blog, so I would suggest you create 2-3 Infographics and submit it on various sites like Visual.ly, Reddit etc.

3. Use DropMyLink :

By using dropmylink you can create varieties of Do follow backlinks. Using it you can build do follow links from CommentLuv enabled blogs, IntenseDebate Enabled Blog, Edu & Gov do follow backlinks easily.

Here is the complete guide on How to use Dropmylink to build backlinks.

4. Response Comment Links :

It is one of the best way to build do follow links but it might led your blog to hit by Google Algorithms, so I would suggest you to build response comment links before 10 days of event.

Major problem bloggers face while creating response comment is that “Whenever someone hit submit button, white screen comes up“. I have the solution for you. Whenever you face this type of error you should use one Chrome Extension i.e Hola Better Internet. Use it to change your IP address and then create response comments, in most of the cases it works.

To find AutoApprove Response Comments blogs :

Go to Google.com>> Search “My Response is on my own website”  and you are done.

You can easily create some High PR9, PR8 and PR7 free backlink using this method

5. Build Backlinks Using Signature :

Many avoid this thing as one have to do lot of work, but very less people knows that Forums Signature links get indexed very quickly and they give do follow backlinks which are of high quality. I made $400 from a single post using signature links where I create only 10-20 backlinks for it using Forum Signature.

6. Create SiteWide Links :

It is one of the important link building method as it will help you create 1000’s of backlinks in just few days. You might have seen screenshot showing 2000’s of backlinks created in a week. All those types of links are create using Sitewide links.

But getting sitewide links is not so easy, either you can ask for sitewide links on rent from your blogger friends or you can buy various different gigs on SEOclerk or Fiverr.

Sitewide links get indexed very quickly so go for sitewide links before 3 days of event to avoid Google Penalty.

From my side this are the various ways of building backlinks for any event niche blogs, this do follow backlinks will surely help you rank high on search engines. And Don’t forget to create some no follow backlinks. I will tell you later the importance of building no follow links in any event niche blogs if you are not ranking.

Don’t forget to share your questions and views in Comment below.

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