How to build Email List and Why it is essential ?

How to Build Profitable Email List

Building an email list should be done from the 1st day of blog. Many of new bloggers ignore this most important step while focusing on driving traffic. I know this is one of the tough task but many pro bloggers get a lot of traffic from their email list only. Today i will tell you how to build an email list for your new blog and maintain it for long.

How to Build Profitable Email List

I had seen their are many bloggers and marketers who build email list very quickly but was not able to maintain it for long run due to some common mistakes. This post will be helpful to you if you had not started building your email or you are having some trouble with your current email list. But before i tell you How to start building list for your blog i want to let you know about some benefits of having an email list.

2 Things You get for Building Email List :

  1. More Traffic
  2. More Income

1. Traffic ->

If you hang around on some pro bloggers blog like ShoutMeloud, NoPassiveIncome you will find that they all have huge email list for their blog. This huge list help them to drive more traffic from emails. If you had build your list perfectly then you will have more chances of having quality targeted traffic. Why i said targeted traffic because these are those readers who had opted to receive your blog updates, so they are more likely to click your blog links every time you update. If you treat your subscriber with more caution then surely you will never face any fear of Google penalty.

2. Income ->

If you will look around you will find that Probloggers always say that “Money is in the List” but why they say it ? and really it is true. But all pro bloggers also say that don’t send promotional offers to your list. Then How they make money ? I will tell you below! Until then read How to Write Post that make money like Harsh Agrawal.

Don’t i will tell you below how they do ? Treat you email list with caution and that’s all.

Do you Know Why you are loosing your Subscribers ?

Even after creating an great email list one can’t maintain it for long due to some of the common mistakes. Suppose you have promised them something else to provide them but you didn’t surely they will hit “unsubscribe” and now you have nothing.

For example :-

You promised this things to your readers due to which they subscribe and later unsubscribed:

  1. You promised them to send only your blog updates, no promotional offers and you respect their privacy.
  2. Then after some days you started sending promotional mails from various merchants sites.
  3. You started sending mails everyday which started annoying them.
  4. Now they got frustrated and hit “unsubscribe”.

 What to do with Subscribers ?

  • Always Respect them.
  • Always stick to your promise.
  • Send them Free gifts thanking them for being a loyal reader.
  • Limit the frequency of emails.

How Pro Bloggers make money from email lists ?

As i said above don’t send promotional mails to your readers especially the direct links avoid them. If you do this surely it will have negative effects.

What to do now if no promotional mails ?

1. Create a blog post that makes money

2. Send an update to your subscribers with the link money making blog post.

If you want to promote it further do it in more professional way by making them understand:

  • How it will useful to them and why you are using it
  • Try to bring a Coupon Code for them, they will love to have some discount on that product.

Things Required to build an Email list

Before you start building email list you need following things to create an profitable email list.

1. Autoresponder :

Autoresponders are nothings but are basically email computing programs. It helps to organize and send emails to subscribers very easily. Here i recommend you to go for some quality autoresponders:

  • MailChimp
  • IninBox
  • Aweber

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing then Aweber and Ininbox are the best to start with. If you just want send email related to your blog update then MailChimp will be the best.

2. Free Gifts :

For building list quickly you need something very needy product such as – Software, Premium tools, E-books etc. The more you offer more subscribers you will get. However you will find some readers are only to grab the free stuff. But still there are chances that you will get some loyal readers.

This is the 13th part of Money Making Blog Series ! now in next part i will tell you How to make your blog popular in 60 days despite being a newbie. If you have any queries related to this post you can ask in comments below.

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