The Ultimate Guide to Burglar Proofing Your Home

Burglar Proof Home

Security is an integral part of taking care of our homes. The question is, “How secure is your home?” While it is arguable that no full proof system can secure your home, several security aspects combined are what secure your home. You cannot afford to overlook these issues if you want your home to be burglar-proof.

Ensuring all Locks are Secure and Functional

Whether it is your new home or an apartment, it is best to have the locks assessed or changed regularly. Locks are prone to manipulation. It is entirely possible that someone forged a key or tampered with your lock without you noticing. A professional assessment of the locks can point out the vulnerabilities posed to your home by faulty locks.

Installing Security Alarms

Security Alarm

Security systems are a plus in all efforts towards burglar proofing your home. Technology has brought forth simple security systems that should not set you back your entire savings all in the pursuit of creating a safe environment for your loved ones. The system should have an alert mechanism that conveys a distress call three ways. The first should be to you and anyone in the house, the second to the security provider, and the third to the authorities. The system should be online 24hours a day all year round. There are cheap 24 hour locksmith melbourne experts who can provide such services.

Seal off Letter Boxes and Pet Hatches

While it may seem like a good idea to have entrances for your pets and letterboxes, in the security field, these are security loopholes. Burglars can quickly gain access to your house through such entries. Install full doors with no allowance for pet passages or letterboxes. If this option is not available, consider sealing off these passageways.

Have Motion Sensors Set up Around the House

Motion detectors come in handy in the cover of darkness. For most burglars, this is the ideal time to strike. Motion sensors are a good deterrent for a break in. The sensors pick up any movement around the house and light up the floodlights set up. They also sound the alarm whenever an attempt is made to tamper with the doors and windows. Burglars cannot risk being identified and thus fleeing is their only option.

Installation of CCTV Systems

CCTVs are suitable for assessing the activities that go on around your home whenever you are not aware. It is difficult to have a control room where you are constantly watching your home as is the case in commercial buildings. So for residential units, they are fitted with recording systems that help the owner review the activities whenever they are free to do so. Such an arrangement enables you to evaluate your security situation and if it calls for an upgrade.

Securing your home need not be an uphill task. It is best to partner with the experts in the field for them to take on the burden of securing your home. Thecheap 24 hour locksmith melbourne specialists are available to offer you all the above security solutions in one package.

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