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How Are Businesses Getting Apps to Market Faster?

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There are literally millions of apps on the market these days, but developing them isn’t easy. So, how come so many businesses appear to be developing and releasing their own apps in record speed? The answer is Dev Ops.

What is Dev Ops?

Dev Ops is actually a term used to describe a set of processes. It refers to the design, development, and release of software and programs. When businesses want their own app, they turn to companies which incorporate Dev Ops into their strategy.

By using various processes, developers are able to not only create high-quality apps but also ensure they are error free. The processes are perfectly streamlined, ensuring the entire app development is carried out quickly, reducing the time it takes to get it onto the market.

Understanding its benefits

The testing part of Dev Ops is one of the most vital, yet also the most ignored processes. When businesses invest in Dev Ops in-house, they often focus way more on the actual development, than they do on the testing. The problem with this is that you won’t be aware of any errors your app may have. This in itself can be extremely damaging not just to your reputation, but to your ROI too.

Benefits of Apps

If you invest in professional app development services such as Sogeti, the benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Your app will be released onto the market faster
  • There will be fewer errors
  • Absolutely everything is tested

The company will ensure everything about your app is 100% flawless. This includes not just the design, but its ease of use and its customer service function too. It can also be monitored after release to ensure if anything does go wrong, it can be quickly rectified.

Which platform should you focus on?


So, you know how to get your apps developed in record time, but which platform should you be focusing on?

Ideally, you’ll want to develop an app that is available for both Android and iOS users. However, if your budget won’t allow this or you’d prefer to focus on just one platform to start with, Android is typically the way to go. However, consider your target market and which devices they are most likely to use before you make a decision.

Overall, app development can be a complex process, but there are plenty of great companies out there which can help. If you want to get your apps developed and released onto the market quickly and efficiently, Dev Ops is definitely going to help.

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