Career Path Considerations – 7 Tips For Entering the Corporate Landscape in 2018

Career Path

Entering the corporate world for the first time is daunting.  Whether you are a freshie out of University or transitioning from another sector, the rules of the game in the corporate sector will be new to you.  Taking those first steps into the corporate landscape can be intimidating and nerve-racking, but they don’t have to be.  With some preparation, planning and a defined purpose, you can walk confidently into the corporate world.  Read on for 7 tips on how to set yourself up for success upon entering the corporate landscape in 2018.

1. Qualifications

Not any bloke off the street can hack it in the corporate world.  Education, qualifications and relevant experience will set you up to succeed in what can be a cut-throat industry.  Before you decide to take the leap, be sure you are qualified for the jobs you are applying for.  Corporate finance, for example, will require in-depth skills in developing value creating strategy; a skill often developed in a graduate program then perfected in practice.  So do your research on the best program near you and get your qualifications in order before applying for those high paying corporate jobs you have your eye on.

2. Take Chances

Once you are in, there are certain things you can do to ensure you stand out.   A highly coveted quality in a fresh corporate employee is to take every chance you have to take on something new.  In addition to the status quo work you are assigned, take initiative to take on more.

3. Be Willing

Be Willing

You may think that freshly framed diploma is all the education you need to kill it incorporate.  However, your first few years should really be seen as an extension of graduate school.  You need to have a thirst for knowledge and show the willingness to learn.  Don’t be that employee who acts like they know everything already.

4. Watch the Clock

Get to know the other newbie’s schedules, and then schedule your day accordingly.  Be the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Show you are willing to put in the hours.

5. Don’t Be Shy

Have a question?  Ask it.  Speak up in meetings.  Show you are interested in soaking up as much corporate knowledge as humanly possible by asking questions that show you are a critical thinker.  Don’t ask for the sake of asking, rather ask questions that are thought to provoke and take the topic at hand to another level.

6. Sidestep Intimidation

There is a fine line between admiring executive leadership and fearing them.  Don’t let yourself be or act intimidated by those who have already climbed the corporate ladder.   Exude confidence in a humble way.  If you can do that, you are guaranteed success.  Easier said than done, but keep it in mind at all times.

7. Always do your best

Treat all tasks given to you like the most important thing you will do.  Even if a senior executive asks you to do a coffee run, don’t let your ego get in the way of doing the best darn coffee run that exec has ever seen.

The corporate world doesn’t have to be full of sharks ready to devour all new blood.  Every person had to start somewhere.  There is a reason why some rose to the top and others didn’t.  Following the tips above will set you up for success in your early years in the corporate landscape. Above all, try to have fun and enjoy the role you are assigned.  Don’t stress too much, and be authentic in your actions and work.  These qualities tend to shine more than you think.

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