Why to choose 000webhost over other providers?

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Small business owners, bloggers, and professionals are always looking for free web hosting service that is reliable and can actually support their business. There is a general misconception that there is no true ‘free’ web hosting provider. The fact is that there is one free web hosting provider that offers genuine free hosting services. 000Webhost offers you 10GB bandwidth, free domain hosting, free PHP and MySQL support, free cPanel, site builder, and much more. Here are just 9 reasons why you should choose 000webhost over other providers.

1. Free Domain Hosting

Imagine a free web hosting service that actually offers free domain hosting service without any caveat. And that is exactly what 000webhost offers. It offers free and unlimited domain hosting. You can host your domain and even select any subdomain without paying anything for it. On the other hand, most other free hosting services allow you to host your website on their domain. And then you would have to purchase a domain separately.

Free website and hosting

With 000webhost, you can host your own domain for free. Even if your domain has not been registered yet, you can select free subdomains. This web host supports international domains too. it also gives you the option to check domain using Hostinger’s domain checker. This will allow you to come up with the perfect name for your website.

2. Free PHP Hosting

000webhost is unique again in offering free PHP hosting services. You will receive full MySQL support for free. Access the updated version of PHP for free. When you choose other free web hosts, there are always certain limits, but not with this hosting provider.

  • Install PHP mail function for sending emails to your visitors
  • PHP Curl for capture and crawl content from other sites
  • PHP sockets for connecting to other servers

The web host supports wide-ranging PHP module, which helps ensure that all scripts are compatible with the hosting service. The different PHP features supported by this platform (for free) are as follows:

  • Zend Optimizer
  • Curl Support
  • IonCube Loader
  • File Uploads
  • Sendmail & PHP mail ()
  • PHP Sockets & fopen()
  • register_globals (configurable)
  • safe_mode OFF
  • allow_url_fopen ON

3. Free MySQL Support

You can create a website rich in features using full MySQL Support. Empower your dynamic website by adding the database. Just like with PHP support, you can have complete MySQL support without any critical limits.

000webhost is one of the rare few web hosting services that offer full access to MySQL support for free. phpMyAdmin is available within the cPanel and MySQL privileges can be added, edited and modified to control access to the databases. You can import/export full database data and create backups and do much more. Some of the key features include:

  • latest MySQL version
  • Latest phpMyAdmin
  • 2 MySQL databases
  • Unlimited database size

4. Free CPanel

cPanel is the most widely used and one of the most feature-rich control panels available. Most other free hosting service providers offer custom or other control panels. cPanel is a preferred control panel due to the set of admin tools that it offers. cPanel is a graphical control panel that revolutionized the industry by making website administration much easier than ever. It is often considered as the best control panel that is available.

5. Free Website Templates


000webhost is much more than a free web host. It also allows you to create your own website with its easy-to-use site builder. The platform provides you hundreds of professionally-designed templates for different categories. And all these templates and the sitebuilder are available for free.

The site builder makes it extremely easy to create your website. Download a template, edit it, add content (images and textual content), and upload the design to the free hosting server. The templates are designed by professional designers and are already optimized for SEO and mobile devices.

6. 99% Uptime

It is difficult to come across a free website hosting service that guarantees 99% uptime. 000webhost is the only free web host that assures 99% uptime guarantee with documented proof. In fact, its servers touch up to 99.9% uptime in most cases. That is something that is difficult for even paid web hosting service providers.

7. 5 Email Forwarders

There is almost no other free web host that offers 5 email forwarders. Most other free hosting services don’t even offer free email accounts. You will have to choose a paid account or pay separately for it. There are some that do support up to 2 email forwarders. 000webhost is the only free web host that allows you to add up to 5 email forwarders.

8. Host 2 Websites

With 000webhost, you can host up to 2 websites for free. Most other free web hosts don’t support more than 1 website, and that too comes with certain limitations. And they always encourage you to upgrade to avail the full range of services. Not with this web host. You can design and host 2 full-featured websites without any limitations.

9. 10 GB Bandwidth

There are already more than enough reasons for choosing this 100% free web host. But there are even more. Most free web hosts offer a low bandwidth, which means that you will soon have to upgrade your account as your website starts generating traffic. 000webhost offers a huge bandwidth of 10 GB. Most small businesses don’t need more than this to run their website.

Thus, there are many reasons why 000webhost is the best free web hosting provider out there. You can have free domains, free PHP hosting, MySQL databases with full support, free templates, free site builder, free cPanel and much more. And it tops all this with 99% uptime guarantee and 10GB of bandwidth. If you are looking for a genuinely free host that doesn’t put any limitations on the services it offers, this is just the right service provider. Its free, it’s uncomplicated, it’s straightforward, and offers you all the tools required to create, host, and manage your website.

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