How to Choose a Good Domain Name ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 2

How to Choose Domain Name

“Create a Brand that People Remember Forever, not just a Name to Forget”

In Part I of this series New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog that Makes Money we had discussed about How to Choose a Topic to Blog about and Why! Before we proceed i would recommend you to read part 1st. So that i can assure that you will surely make money from your blog.

In Part 2, I will discuss How to Choose a Domain Name as i had seen on my Facebook profile that many new blogger face this problem, they take ideas from others. I know Choosing a Domain Name is little bit difficult, but it is your identity so why take ideas from others rather than deciding by own. Those who are totally new i would like to give brief detail about Domain Names.

What is Domain Name ?

Domain Names is a unique name which helps to identity a website/blog. Whenever you visit any blog on address bar you will see for example : ““. Domain names are preceded by “www” and “.com” is suffix. There are many kind of suffix in which more popular are .com, .org, .net, .co etc.

There are Two Types of Domain Names :

  • Brand Domain Name
  • Exact Match Domain Names

Its depend on you what you choose a brand-able domain like, or EMD (Exact Match Domain) names which is totally based on keywords like makemoney,com, etc.

But let me tell you that In September 2012, Google rolled out Exact match domain update. This update is to keep away low quality sites from getting ranked. As they have exact match keywords, they are very easy to rank but after Google update it is no more possible. And our main focus is to provide in-depth content that meet searchers.

How to Choose Domain Name

Top 10 Steps for Choosing Domain Name

I will recommend you to choose brand-able domain names because it will help you stand unique out of the crowd and it will be more easy to remember the name for a long time. Let me tell you some steps on How to Choose Domain Name or should i say a perfect domain name :

1. Make it Short as Possible :

As we are humans and we can’t remember long things for a long period of time. While shorter things are easy to memorize. If you keep domain name long then there might be more chances that your customer will mistype or misspell it.

2. Make it Unique :

Many newbies get confused with a popular site which is owned by someone else. It will led you to nothing rather than failure. For example :- You had chosen a domain name “” while there is already a blog with name “” which is much more popular. In the same time don’t choose someone else domain name with different extension because you are here to create your own brand.

3. Check It’s Social Profile Availability :

We can’t neglect the impact of Social media as it plays very important role in blogging. There is one online tool named KnowEm Username Check which help to check whether the name is available on Social medias or not.

4. Make it Easy to Remember :

It is very important, if people find it hard to remember your domain name because it contain very difficult words than you are loosing a large portion of value in marketing value of your blog. Suppose if you are only using some vowels and consonants for your domain name it will only work if you are choosing 3 words domain, otherwise it will look very hard to memorize like or etc. So make it easy to remember.

5. Avoid Copyright Infringement :

Always make sure that the domain you are buying is not copyright protected or used by any company. It will led you to very huge legal mess as well as it will cost you much. The safest way to avoid this is search for the domain name your are thinking on Google.

6. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers :

These are those characters which are often misunderstood. Suppose the people who are going to hear your website address they don’t know if you are using any number [7] it will be spelled like [seven] even sometimes audience forget to place dash or hyphens when typing address.

7. Use Domain Name Generators :

We are humans and our mind thinking is limited, so sometime we get struck and can’t think much about domain names. Here Domain Name Generators came in to play these are nothing but an online tool that help us to generate names some of those tools are : Domjax, BustaName, Panabee, Impossibility etc.

8.Use Proper Extensions :

Extension are the suffix which is used to identify the type of business. Generally .org domain extension are used by non-profit organizations,while .com domains are used for commercial websites. Also there are many country based extensions are available there like .in, .dk, etc

9. Choose a Domain which reflect your business :

Sometime it is very difficult to choose a domain name which will reflect your business. Your domain will not be keyword rich but it should be descriptive around 2 words. For example : MoneyGossips it consist of 2 different words one is Money and other is Gossips which relate to talks when we combine both it resemble a blog which is related to discussion about money.

10. Act Fast :

It is the most important point, as internet is growing very quickly with lightning fast speed. Similarly new blogs are getting created as well which means in every few seconds new domain names has been registered. So as soon as you find any domain name register it immediately.

Learn How to choose the right Domain Name with FirstSiteGuide

How to Register Domain Name

If you are a newbie you might be thinking where and how to register domain name ? Right ! Personally I use GoDaddy to register domain names. Because they provide various offers every time. Anyone can get a Domain for $1.99 for 1st year with our link

1. Visit >><< from here.

2. Search for your Desired Domain Name and Register it.

3. Now pay fees for your Domain Name.

In Part 3, I will tell you about Which Platform to choose Blogger or WordPress for creating your blog!

If you have any question regarding this article you can ask in comments below. I will be glad to answer your questions. Thanks for Reading.

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  1. Hello Suprabhat,

    I agree with you. Choosing the right name of your blog is a very important decision. The right domain name makes it easier for people to remember you and your website or blog.
    Domain name should be as unique to you blog as possible so it is very important that choose it wisely 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us 🙂

    Have great day!

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Srivastava recently posted…Top 12 Best Ways to Earn Money from the InternetMy Profile

    1. Hey Vineet,

      I appreciate that you had Chosen an EMD but it will not help to get ranked on Search engine as Google update has been released.
      It will only rank if your blog have high quality only than.

      Thanks for Commenting, keep Visiting us.
      Suprabhat Mondal

  2. As we all know, choosing a name and picking a domain name for your new site is probably the first thing to think about before you start blogging after you might have decided what niche you can perform better.

    Reading a systematic and insightful article about how to create or make a good domain name is in all time useful. There are many newbies sprouting everyday, right?

    The basic and smart tips you shared here like be unique, make it short as possible, easy to remember and so on play such a big role. Your domain name will create your brand and reputation, so be smart and wise in choosing.

    1. Hey Metz,

      Good to see you here, Yes we all know choosing a domain name comes in our mind after deciding the niche.
      Ya right there are many newbies Who doesn’t know How to choose a domain name due to which sometime they face some copyright issue and have to loose money for this as well. Yesterday only i had seen one bought a domain call which aroused the copyright issue and that blogger had to loose it.
      That why i had created this post to help my readers to avoid those mistake in choosing domain.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…September Report ! 31 Commentators and You!My Profile

  3. Thank you for the input on the domain name, but there two sides to this story and some people say the domain element is a dead. Looking through your blog you bring up some solid points on the domain matching side of the park.

    I choose to use my own name, but after looking through your content maybe, I should of choose a direct keyword to focus on with people remembering my exact name through something like: blogging tips or making money online. Only time will tell for the end result; if this was a bad move or not.

    Thank you for the content.

    Paul S,

  4. Hey Paul,

    Good to see you here back again on MoneyGossips, don’t only focus on Keyword Stuffed domain name, try to choose a one that you can develop a brand name and people can remember it easily.
    Suppose if you had Chosen domain name “” something like this then chances are that this keywords have high competiton and it might be possible that you can’t even rank for your blog name as well, which is a bad move.
    I hope you understand.

    Thanks for commenting
    Keep Visiting
    Suprabhat recently posted…September Report ! 31 Commentators and You!My Profile

  5. Very nice article. There certain things that you need to keep in mind in order to select the right domain name for your business. I was also to take domain name from now I’ll keep these things in mind and will discuss with my service provider also. This article discusses domain name registration in detail and gives guidance about the selection of your perfect domain name.

  6. Hello Dear,
    I agree with you, No doubt, Domain name play a very important role in blogging.
    it’s really great idea to choose short domain name. it is easy to remember for user.
    1st and 4th point are same, short domain name is easy to remember.

    smallseotools is also a great place for searching domain name with keywords,

    in last I have a question, in 2013, I bought a domain for new year 2014 but I failed to rank for event after new year, I post Anniversary and birthday topic and now I am getting about 3000-3500 visitor a day but domain name is not good, I want to change domain name without loosing traffic. Please guide me in this regard.

    Thanks in advance.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy new year 2016 Greetings for sister in lawMy Profile

  7. Hello Suprabhat,
    Nice article you have shared over here
    I wanna ask you, if I want to start a blog about blogging, seo, tips, tricks and money making so would it be better to domain name have blogging or blogger keyword In domain name like or

  8. The question of how to choose the perfect domain name is really very important and relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow. What to do, how to choose – this question has already been answered. Enough information for the novice and the guru. But there are small details that simply missed. I want to share my experience with You to help You avoid mistakes when choosing a domain name.
    Experience, with the right choice of domain I bought in 2012 when I built my first website. At the time, I did not know about the importance of the issue and yet, I was lucky, I came up with a great domain name but realized it after a while.
    So, here are my recommendations.
    First: Relevant today, tomorrow loses its relevance. It is necessary to consider the moment You choose a domain name. Your domain should be universal. Universal domain, this is when You can easily change the direction of the resource to provide services, sell products, etc.
    Second, You came up with the name, then, write the name in the search bar of your browser and hit “search” if the search does not find a match – Your name is unique, which is very positive for the promotion of Your site.
    Only two, in my opinion, important, additional recommendations. I hope they will be useful.

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