Why I Choose Movie Streaming Over Downloading in 2022

Why movie Streaming over Downloading

I love watching movies and series.  As a matter of fact, I am currently following almost 10 series, and on my free time, if I am not out with friends; you can see me just basically attached to my laptop screen searching for movies to drown myself into. After taking some time to check out the best internet services for my area, I can now watch shows with ease online whenever I wish! Having a secure internet connection is really all you need.

You have lots of ways on how you can watch movies online or series.

Basically it boils down to the contender, of whether to just stream it or download it.


So here you are trying to decide as to what is best for you. But before you decide of whether you go movie streaming or movie downloading, here are some points that you have to look into or consider.

  1. Internet Connection– this is very important as you have to check how fast or how slow is your internet connection. This will then determine if you will go for streaming or downloading.
  2. Memory Capacity– if you have a large memory capacity on your laptop and you have separate compartment for your files and movies, then you can have the option to download.  On the other hand, small memory capacity only warrants you to do the movie streaming, for obvious and practical reasons.
  3. Attitude– if you are impatient like me, I would not like to wait for hours much more days to just wait for the movie to be downloaded. I want to check the movie right away so that if I do not like it I could just exit right away.
  4. Safety– you have to consider as to where you can basically watch a movie while making sure it is safe or secure from viruses or hacks.
  5. http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Video-Streaming


Upon knowing the points that you have to consider, I would like you to take a look into some advantages and disadvantages of either choosing movie downloading or movie streaming. It is my intention that after presenting the pros and cons of each you can better weigh your options.

Movie Downloading


  1. Continuous watching– if you have downloaded a movie, you can continuously watch it without worrying for the internet connection and watching the movie by bits or pieces.
  2. Choose the provider– you can have the options as to which site you can download base on the quality of the video and audio of the movie you are watching. Aside from that, you can also choose as to which one can offer you a lesser memory usage on your component.


  1. Waiting time– The duration of the download depends on your internet connection. I f you have a slow internet connection, chances are you have to wait for long hours or maybe days just for your movie download to finish.  
  2. Memory Usage– if you have lesser memory capacity in your laptop or computer, chances are you cannot download a lot of movies. You can just either download, watch and delete so to accommodate the memory capacity for other stuff.
  3. Risks of Getting Virus or Hacked– some of the viruses or hacks nowadays are embedded in downloaded files, so you are risking your laptop from getting such by downloading.

Movie Streaming

Pros and cons of movie streaming


  1. Shorter time– if you have a good connection, you do not need to download it and watch it directly.
  2. Save Memory Capacity– you do not need to download any media, so the memory capacity in your laptop will not be used in saving large media files.
  3. Choose Sites– there are a lot of sites you can choose from for you to stream your movies.


  1. Streaming Time– sometimes, it might take long time for you to stream depending again on the internet connection.
  2. Disturbances– one thing I do not like in streaming are the pop ads and unnecessary clicks.

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With the pros and cons presented by both streaming and downloading, I still choose movie streaming over movie downloading. It is for the reason that I only experience minor glitches in streaming.  Also, streaming for me, is less of a hassle as compared to downloading. I do not have to wait and I do not have to delete.

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