How to Choose Perfect Theme For Money Making Blog ~ Part 7

How to Choose Theme for Blog

Even if you have Best WordPress Theme or Premium Themes it doesn’t provide guarantee of earning. By mistake if you had chosen wrong theme which is poorly coded can negatively affect your blog.

We are on Part 7 of Money Making Blog Series for Newbies ! In Part 6 we had discussed about How to Increase Security of our New WordPress Blog. Today In this part we will discuss some points to consider before buying any Premium theme for your money making blog. Before I proceed, if you want to check all the previous post, click here to visit the front page of the series.

How to Choose Theme for Blog

Our main focus is to create a blog which makes money, so we are interested only on certain things which can only be present on Money Making WordPress Themes. For bloggers one of the way to generate income from their blog is by placing advertisements on some specific places on same blog. So we should select a theme which make it easy. There are many themes available which are very flexible and provide ease in moving ads from one end to another.

NB : As much as Banner and Text advertisements you will place on your blog income will be higher but there is a limit. Uneven display of banners and links ads may led you to stuffing which audience doesn’t like that what we should avoid doing.

What Perfect Money Making WordPress Theme Should Have?

A Perfect Money making WordPress theme should have following things listed below :

  1. Theme must designed such that it can accommodate at different spots on blog like – Top right corner, right sidebar, above post. below post, footer within post and if required in secondary sidebar as well.
  2. Themes should allow creating widgets and allowing to deposit them easily on the places that attracts attention.

NB : Placing ads on all available places will look like stuffing, so we should avoid these otherwise it will destroy our blog.

High Impression Spots for Banner Ads

There are some spots available on blogs where banners get high Impressions.Impression are the numbers of times any part of the page is displayed to viewer/reader. Every Visitor doesn’t scroll down to the bottom of blog.

Some of the High Impression Spots with High Visibility are :

  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Top Left and Right Content Area
  • Inside the Content

Perfect Blog Layout

If any theme doesn’t allow to place ad or widget to these areas, then you should not choose these theme for your money making blog. As i said above Perfect Money making WordPress theme should be flexible and provide ease to place ads on this high visibility area.

Things which can be advertised with banners ?

  • You can advertise affiliate products.
  • You can sell ad space to any client.
  • You can advertise your own products as well.

How to Find the Perfect Theme

  • There are many bloggers who are already using these kind of theme you can ask your blogger friend as well.
  • View demo of theme before purchasing.
  • You can ask authors.
  • Reading theme specification will surely help you a lot.

What I Recommend ?

There are so many themes and frameworks there, but i will recommend only those which i use personally.

>>-But Why I am recommending Genesis Framework ?

  • I am using Genesis framework so i know it is working best for me.
  • Genesis supports HTML5 and Schema.org which make your blog fast, flexible and secure.
  • Genesis themes are highly mobile responsive and supportive.
  • You can place ad anywhere you want on the genesis theme.

In the next part we will discuss about Must have plugin for money making blog.

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