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What Should You Choose WordPress or Blogger ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 3

WordPress Vs Blogger

“You are Free to make your choice, but not free to choose the consequences”

In Part I of “New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money” we saw How to Choose a Topic to blog about and Why? and In Part II we have discussed How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name and How to register Domain at Cheap Price. Now we are on Part III where we will be looking on some points that will help you to choose your Blogging Platform or CMS (Content Managing System). There are two top Blogging Platform :

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

I have been asked many times by new bloggers “Which Blogging platform should I Choose ? Should I choose WordPress or Blogger?” So i decided to help them in choosing the best platform for blogging. It is very important to choose right blogging platform from beginning so to avoid heck of migrating your blog from one platform to other in future. In this both blogging platform they both have their cons as well as pros, non is perfect. But I will keep some point in front of you that will help you to choose which is the best.

Blogger Vs WordPress

WordPress Vs Blogger

This two are most widely used Blogging platform, both are free one need domain only, while other need (Domain + Hosting). But before you choose any one out of them you should know about their features.

NB: This Comparison is between Blogger and Self-Hosted WordPress.org, there is a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org which i will explain you in future.

1. Ownership :

Blogger is a platform which is owned by Google. It is totally Free, Mostly Reliable, Zero Downtime and has all features which are quite enough to publish your article. As you are not the full owner of it. Google run this service so they has the right to shut it anytime without even notifying you.

While for WordPress, you need hosting provider to host your own website. It is on you how long you want to run it. All the data is own by you and it depends on you when you want to shut it down. You can share all your information with any third-party organization.

2. Control :

Blogger is tuned such that you can perform only some specific task which is very much essential for blogging with some tools only. So control on any blogger blog is limited you cannot extend them according to your need.

While WordPress is an Open Source Software, You can easily extend it to new features. To add new features you just had to install some plugins, there are 1000’s of WordPress plugins which make it very easy to modify any property without coding.

3. Portability :

Migrating your Blogger blog to any different platform is the very complicated. There is a huge risk of losing your Search Engine Traffic, Subscribers and followers due to this migration. Even Google allow you to migrate your data content from blogger to any platform but still the data remain on Google Server for a long time.

With WordPress, you can migrate/move your site to any different platform. Even you can change your hosting at anytime, even you can change Blogging platform as well very easily.

4. Appearance :

By default Blogger only provides a limited set of templates for use. You can change their colors, fonts and layout of those template with built in tools. But the restriction is that you can not create your own layout or modify them to your needs. Don’t worry there are many Blogger Template providers but majorly those templates are of low quality.

In WordPress there are thousands of Free and Premium templates, which will help you create a professional looking website/blog. One best thing is that it has every kind of theme which suits each and every kind of niche. WordPress themes are of high quality,widely available and are easy to modify.

5. Security :

Blogger is Google Product so you can imagine about it security. It is totally robust secure platform. You neither have to focus on your blog security nor on your server database, everything is taken care by Google.

WordPress lack behind of blogger here, But with proper steps taken for your blog security you can make it secure as well from hackers. As WordPress is self hosted, so you have to take care of it security and data backups. You can use Security plugins to take care of your blog.

6. Support :

Blogger support is very limited they have a basic forum. In terms of support for blogger you choice is very limited. Check out there User’s forum here.

WordPress has very active community support. There is an online community forum, Documentation and Chat rooms where you can get help from experts. Even there are many website, blogs and experts available who offer premium WordPress support.

Blogger has not been suffered from any major updated from a long time. Google is killing their most of the useful services like Adsense for feeds, Google Readers. Google own all of these so it depend on it, they own all the rights to shut it down anytime. While WordPress is not dependent on any company like Google, it has been developed by community of experts.

Our Choice is WordPress

MoneyGossips is running successfully on WordPress, and we recommend you to use WordPress. But if you are newbie 1st of all use blogger as blogging platform for a month just to have some basic knowledge of Blogging then start blogging on WordPress.

In Part VI, I will assist you on Choosing Best Hosting Provider For Your Blog. We are hosting our blogs on Hostgator, which has 0% Down time and have more than 12 years of experience in this field.

If you have any question in mind you can ask in comments below, i would like to answer them all.

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  1. Hi bro..

    nice article. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing.

    1. Hey Joy,

      Not 40% it was actually 70% which i had also read somewhere but didn’t remember may be i had seen this on Webinar by KissMetrics.

      Keep Visiting us


    1. Hey Emmanuel,

      I know security aspect of blogger is best but WordPress has so many features that can’t be neglected.
      We can also Improve Security of WordPress also by taking some measures carefully.


  2. Well me too loves wordpress… But one of the main reason i love it because we can far better optimize our articles in wordpress than in Blogger. Anyways nice article bro 🙂

    1. Hey Ankit,

      Good to see you here, yes we can optimize our article better than blogger as it supports many SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast, SEOPressor, All in SEO etc.
      Which makes it very easy to optimize.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting


  3. Hello Suprabhat,

    This is a good review and talked to someone that owns a blogger.com site. I have one also for my tier 2 building, but really that’s really where it ends inside of the tier building. WordPress does lack some of the security features, blogger is simple learn, but you need to know you some of setting inside of blogger.

    WordPress with all the added plugins make it a little easier. Thank you for your review on the WordPress vs blogger
    paul recently posted…Ingreso Cybernetico Review| Read Before JoiningMy Profile

    1. Hi Paul,

      You are right before coming to WordPress i was on blogger and it is so easy to use that even a newbie will take some seconds to get involved with it. But WordPress is little bit hard to use as compared to blogger but plugin make it very easy as well, but one thing WordPress lag behind is in security, but one can make his/her blog secure using proper steps.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting us

  4. Hi Suprabhat,
    Its WordPress all the way! I have used both platforms and have come to realize that WordPress allow for lots of flexibilities. This helps users to be in complete control!
    comment left also in kingged.com where this piece was shared.

  5. Hi Suprabhat,
    You explained a much disucussing topic. It is a matter of debate for pretty long time. Blogger and wordpress are widely used blogging platforms.
    Wordpress is something out of the box as you said though I am not familiar with it.
    I am pursuing my blogging life in blogger. It is cost free. So affordable as a student.
    But will try my luck on wordpress soon.


  6. Hi Suprabhat,
    Awesome post bro…
    I was/am using Blogger and 3 days ago, started another blog on WordPress. It’s just awesome.
    Now i can say, If we do blogging for temporary or event blogging or for who doesn’t want to invest money on hosting or for starter – Blogger is best
    But for doing serious blogging, WordPress is Awesome.
    And i sure, When a person read your (this) article, everything will be cleared.
    Ajit recently posted…PD-Proxy Premium Account – High Speed VPN 2015My Profile

  7. A little time back I started to blog with Blogger and didn’t expect it to engross me so much. Presently I’m running a WP blog which indeed looks much more professionally and eye-catchy. Because I’m not very tech-savvy – I found online converter (http://goo.gl/A3G9R6) which performs the data switch across CMSs in a fully automated way. Worked very seamlessly. I wish I would have done it sooner but I was afraid.

  8. This is a very comprehensive comparison thank you! Now I am really getting convinced that I should switch from Blogger to WordPress. But the migration process is kind of intimidating. My main concern is that I will loose my SEO juices. I have found this automated solution – cms2cms and they claim that SEO will be preserved. If anybody has experiences with this solution, please share.

  9. Hi Suprabhat,
    In beginning, I used Blogger, but as you said, migrate from blogger to WordPress is not easy task,
    I know a blogger who loose his popular blog without any mistake. and He is Abdul wali, onlineustaad.com. Now He is running a success blog on WordPress but I recommended Google blog on event site like New Year, Eid day etc. because we can save many rupees on hosting on event site.
    Most of blogger use blogger hosting on event site but I recommend WordPress is best for permanent site.

    Any way every one have it’s own choice.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy new year 2016 Greetings for sister in lawMy Profile

  10. I’ve just done a list post of free resources for bloggers and one of the first things I said on my post was that although I recommend most things that are free, website hosting is not one of them. You never actually own a blogger website (or any free website) and risk having it removed anytime the owner feels like it. A self hosted site is always better, but as I said in my post, if you are just blogging about your cat and you’re not wanting to make money off your blog, if you’re not that bothered about the risk, stick with the free option! 🙂 It depends on your circumstances. Personally, it’s WordPress for me everytime! 🙂

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