Clickadu Review: Is it the Best Adsense Alternative?


The modern advertisement domain is growing every day rapidly. The majority of the businesses, who are new in their respective fields, choose online advertising to grow their businesses. Thereby, advertising has risen to become a vital and integral part of the marketing domain. When it comes to advertising, online advertising is a term that can’t be ignored. Realizing its importance, tons of companies have taken up all on their shoulders to serve advertisements on behalf of businesses. Among many such companies, one is clickadu. In this review, we will learn why publishers should use it.

Clickadu.com Introduction

Clickadu is a premium ad network for mobile and web channels with unique capabilities, superb expertise, and tons of experience in revenue maximization for both advertisers and publishers. This ad network was founded in 2014. One thing that I love about Clickadu is that it makes use of best technology for its ad servers and thereby maximizes the reach of advertisers. Because of its servers, it also aims at delivering maximum benefits to the publishers.

Talking about numbers, Clickadu gets around 70+ million impressions which lead to 120,000 conversions daily. The network is backed up 3k+ active publishers. Looking at its lifespan, this is quite a wonderful achievement.

How is Clickadu a good network for publishers to join?

  • Payments can be offered weekly through various different modes.
  • Detailed statistics and reports are offered to monitor everything.
  • In around 240+ countries, this ad network offers a high eCPM rate.
  • Clickadu is also launching its self-service platform very soon.


How Clickadu become a beneficial network for Advertisers?

>> They offer higher conversion; the network has got a brilliant optimization system.
>> For the convenience of advertisers, it also has optimal targeting.
>> For nontechnical users, it also has automatic campaign optimization feature.
>> Cliackadu assign dedicated account managers for their large and even middle-sized advertisers.
>> They also allow advertisers to implement services in mobile as well as desktop channels.

Salient Features of Clickadu


The best thing that bloggers would love about this network is that it has no traffic requirements and even entry level publishers can join the network and get approved easily. The network targets small publishers and helps them extend their reach globally. The network is also aiming at creating long-term relationships with the webmasters who are in early stages of their career so that they can continue working with them as they grow their respective websites.

Another awesome thing about this ad network is that its installation is very simple. The approval takes less than 24 hours and the installation requires even less time. The ad network is great for anyone who is just starting out with advertising on their blog and don’t have the traffic to earn from traditional ad types.

Clickadu looks forward to making the experience good for both advertisers and publishers and thereby offers multiple on demand withdrawal options. Despite being a new ad network, they have got a clean track record of always paying their publishers on time, every time.

The ad network specializes in popunder ads, an ad type that has higher conversion rates as compared to the other ad types. They have been known to outperform the display ads that are displayed across various networks.

How hard is getting approved?

Their approval process is not yet fully automatic but is pretty close to it. If any publisher applies to clickadu, the website/blog would be reviewed manually in order to grant them approval. But the good part is that their approval process is very quick & straightforward. Publishers tend to get approved within 24 hours as soon as they apply!

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The advantages of joining Clickadu :-

Timely payments – This is indeed something that a publisher worries about the most. This network however always manages to pay on time and the payment cycle is twice every month.

Variety of payment methods – For the convenience of their publishers, they release payments via Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal, and also wire transfer.

High Fill Rates: This ad network has a higher fill rate in comparison to other networks such as PopAds, Popcash and Adsterra.

Detailed Reports: Their dashboard itself would be able to provide you all sorts of statistics about your ad tags and the revenue from them. If that is not enough, you can also access a detailed report from the publisher panel.

eCPM optimization: If your site gets approved, the network automatically optimizes your eCPM in order to deliver high and competitive eCPM for your website.

NO minimum traffic need: Clickadu puts no requirement on the traffic criteria. Any publisher, regardless of being large or small can join and get approved in this network.

Friendly Support: Along with everything else, they have a very friendly staff that can help you in every matter related to your site and its monetization.

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