Cloud-Based E-Commerce –Everything You Need To Know!

Cloud Based E-Commerce

A lot of people believe that the only way through which they can obtain fiscal independence is by working for hours on end for the same flat rate pay. However, with modern developments and the introduction of cloud-based e-commerce systems, there is a more flexible way of achieving this independence available. 

The most simple definition for cloud computing is that it is a system in which the highly scalable capabilities which are related to IT are provided, using the Internet, as a “service” of kinds to a substantial number of customers. This feature of cloud computing is handy for businesses as it allows them to reach a large number of customers and conduct them virtually.

Big Commerce enterprise is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there, but as a business owner, you should see whether it offers the following features related to cloud-based e-commerce as this can help to increase your business significantly.

Having a Healthy Financial Status

To see whether or not your e-commerce platform, such as Big Commerce enterprise, is serving its purpose, specific requirements should be met. Things like having the ability to invest into future ventures, being able to control spending and mitigating any debt that exists already are very important things that should be assessed to see whether your business has a healthy financial status. It is while answering these questions when you will realize whether or not your e-commerce platform is fit for purpose.

What Is The Need For E-Commerce Platforms Anyway?

E-commerce platforms allow business owners to focus on other crucial aspects of their business by taking away some of the owner’s worries concerning marketing, client engagement, and skills. All of these are extremely important for a successful business and are dealt with mainly by e-commerce platforms.

The best thing about such platforms is that they can also be integrated into an existing IT system that a business has. Shopify, for example, is one such e-commerce platform that offers high speed, a responsive customer care team and an extremely high level of scalability.


Perhaps one of the most useful features of cloud computing that is utilised by businesses is its scalability, due to which businesses can either downscale or upscale their services depending on various factors, such as demand, traffic, and seasonal spikes. There has been an attempt to integrate this feature into Big Commerce enterprise.

It is very important for a business to be able to handle any growth that occurs in its size in its later years, and the scalability of cloud computing allows business owners to alter the architecture of their business to adapt to changes in size and cater to the business’s demands as it grows.

Reduction in Costs

A very important aspect of cloud-based e-commerce systems is a reduction in the costs of conducting business. Vendors only need to pay for the services that they use, so they don’t have to invest in a lot of money for developing software and hardware infrastructure. It allows business owners to use the services that suit them in the quantity that they require.


In today’s fast-paced age, one of the most important things is delivering services to consumer speedily. If a website is too slow or takes too long to load, the customers may abandon it and will move towards a quicker option. Even online retail giants like Amazon have discovered that increasing the speed of their website does lead to a directly proportional increase in revenue. Cloud computing makes this whole process much quicker.

It gives the business greater storage, bandwidth and computational power, which makes your platform faster and quicker to load. This enhances the experience that your customer has when using your website, which increases the chances of them having a pleasant experience when doing so, and therefore increasing their chances of returning to your website.

Cloud Services Redundancy

One of the most important aspects of using cloud-based solutions for e-commerce is that they can prevent businesses from major catastrophes and crises by their built-in redundancy. This redundancy allows the business even to avert potential disasters.

One of the most important aspects of an online business is the data of its customers. If that is lost, a company may have to incur major losses. However, in cloud-based systems, all such data is backed up and can be accessed easily as well.

In today’s era, customer service and catering to the customer’s need is a very important part of running a business, and redundancy in cloud services allows businesses to save and retain such data and avert major problems that may result from their loss.

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