Techno Talk – 5 Communications Technologies to Increase Your Business Efficiency

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The key to any good relationship is communication. That’s usually said when looking to form stronger personal bonds, but the importance of efficient communication in the business realm can often be overlooked. Effective communication can be the difference between success and failure in today’s highly competitive market. Luckily, technology has advanced to the point where we can streamline almost any process, leaving employers and their staff with more time to focus on the more personal aspects of the business. Read on to discover five ways technology can increase your business efficiency.

Unified Communication Services

A simple way to make your communication more efficient is to consolidate the channels that your business utilizes. When all services are managed by one system, for example, a broadsoft VOIP PBX provider, end-to-end management is simplified. This helps by streamlining the process and greatly improving efficiency.

Automated Mailing Lists

Another easy way to improve the efficiency of your communication is to use an automation service when sending out content to a large number of recipients. There are many services that will allow you to import your mail list, create your content directly within their system, and then send it out to the entirety of your list or only to recipients that match certain criteria. The majority of these services also offer scheduling tools and detailed analysis of how your campaigns are performing, allowing you to essentially set and forget until it’s time to check your metrics.

Social Platforms

Social platforms

While they may not fit within the traditional definition of professionalism, social media platforms should not be overlooked when devising your company’s communication strategy.  Having a social presence enables you to communicate with your customers in a less formal setting, therefore allowing you to form closer relationships with the target audience for your products and/or service. Well managed social profiles also facilitate the creation of a community around your brand which will boost your sales and engagement.

Cloud Technology

Working in the cloud is a simple way to promote greater productivity and collaboration within your business. Not only will an online workspace provide the ability to have multiple team members working on a project alongside each other in real time, but it will also facilitate streamlined external communications. In many cases, cloud-based computing will allow you to share content instantly while still maintaining the highest possible security levels. Thus, removing any middlemen and boosting the effectiveness of your communications strategy.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Last but not least, video conferencing software has greatly improved efficiency for long distance communication. Often, a phone call simply won’t suffice but interstate or overseas trips can be a major drain on your business finances. Luckily, the quality of webcams and associated software has advanced to the point where meetings can now be conducted remotely while still providing the same level of efficiency as a face to face discussion would provide.

While hard work will always be important to your business success, technological advances can afford you heightened levels of productivity and efficiency that were previously unattainable.  Ever evolving markets require businesses to shift their perspective and operations with the times or risk becoming redundant. It stands to reason, therefore, that anything that can improve your efficiency and return on investment should be integrated into your strategy. That stands even if you have not previously considered them as viable options for your business. Implementing these strategies won’t guarantee perfect communications for your business as there will always be room for human error. They will, however, simplify the process and make things as easy as possible for yourself and your staff.

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