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Do you know that feeling of satisfaction and relief when you tap to delete your history (or other sensitive data) and your iPhone confirms that it’s all gone? “Ah,” you think to yourself, “all of that private information has been cleaned from my iPhone! Now I can feel safe and secure.” Is that feeling justified, though? Is your device really clean from all of that material? Actually, it isn’t! Your data isn’t permanently deleted, and it never is until it is actually overwritten. To be able to truly have a clean and safe device, you have to delete your private data beyond recovery.

Using iMyFone Umate Pro to Make Your iPhone Private and Safe

Just because you want privacy, doesn’t mean that you were doing anything wrong with your phone. You have a right to keep certain things to yourself and that is why software like iMyfone Umate Pro was created. It will deter the most meddlesome snoopers and even hackers because it has the power to permanently erase the files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch so that they are completely unrecoverable.

Delete iPhone Data Completely

Manually deleting files yourself simply does not do this. In other words, that private photo that you sent to your spouse and then quickly deleted is probably still lurking in your iPhone’s storage. So long as it has not be overwritten, a person with the right software and enough determination could recover that photo and violate your privacy. iMyfone Umate will make this scenario next to impossible.

Some important features of this application include:

1) Erase Private Data

In just a few clicks, this allows you to permanently erase all of the history and private information that your various apps generate, including browser history, photos, messages, note, call history, WhatsApp chats & media, and other communication apps.

2) Erase Deleted Files

If you thought manually deleting files was enough, you are very mistaken. For reasons explained above, your files are not permanently deleted unless they are overwritten or you use software like iMyfone Umate Pro. Using this function, you can actually zero in on files that you manually deleted before, but that are still hanging out in storage. From there, you can permanently delete them once and for all.

3) Erase All Data

Let’s say you’re done with your phone, or else maybe you want to start from scratch. This allows you to permanently delete all data on your iPhone. It’s a must-have feature if you are looking to sell your device or to give it away.

3 Steps to Completely Deleting iPhone Data

3 Step to Delete iPhone Data

Erasing all the data on your iPhone is extremely easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

(1) Connect your iDevice to computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro. Choose the erase mode, like “Erase Private Data” and hit “Scan”. It will do a complete analysis of your device and show them up there.

(2) You can double click each category to preview and select. Once done, hit “Erase Now” button.

(3) Confirm the deletion by typing “delete” into the box.

It is really that simple. After you delete all of the data, it will be similar to a reset, except much better because your information will be unrecoverable. You won’t have to worry about identity theft or any other snoops finding out what you were up to on your phone.

Freeing Up Space on Your iPhone

Finally, there’s one last great feature that iMyFone Umate Pro has, and that’s the “1-Click Free Up Space” feature. This works well to get rid of superfluous junk files and temporary files that are taking up storage and even affecting the performance of your device. Photos, videos, music and apps can be deleted in bulk there, original data will be backed up to computer first before deleting. If you do not want to delete photos, you can choose to losslessly compress photos to save 75% photo space. It’s a very handy function.

Whatever you decide, just be sure to keep your private information as safe as possible. iMyfone Umate Pro is a great tool to keep in your arsenal for these purposes.

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