Couch-Based Careers – 6 Jobs You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Couch Based Career Jobs - Work from Home

Working from home can be a great choice for people who want more flexibility and the ability to work with a business or customer base that isn’t local. It can also be a great way to earn some extra cash. 

If you’re looking to work from home and you want to know what kind of opportunities are on offer, check out these six jobs you can do from the comfort of your couch: 

1. Teaching Remotely

School Teacher

Teaching remotely is something anybody can do if they have an education or a skill that they can teach others. Tutoring online is particularly suitable if you have a teaching background, but that isn’t essential. You just need to be able to switch your teaching approach to an online format and you’re good to go. 

2. Virtual Assisting

Everybody working online needs help with the administrative stuff, which is where you come in. If you have always been highly organized and great at getting the behind-the-scenes tasks done, then this could be the sofa job for you. 

It is slightly more tricky to get into than other online jobs. You need to get your first clients and truly, truly impress them. Their recommendations and referrals are literally worth their weight in gold. Go out of your way to be reliable, consistent, and communicative, and you’re sure to get glowing reviews that lead to more and more work.

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3. Blogging

Make Money Blogging Work from Home 2021

Each month, around 409 million people look at more than 20 billion webpages. If you have a niche you’re passionate about or just a strong voice that people love to hear, get it on virtual paper and get that blog going. It’s a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing, and it also boosts your CV if you’re between jobs and hunting for employment. 

4. Vlogging

If you want to take advantage of the increasing popularity of video content, then Vlogging could be for you. Some of the highest-paid YouTubers earn over $25 million dollars a year from their channel, so there are some pretty great rewards if you are able to grow a substantial audience. 

The key is to stick to a niche and work hard on promoting your content and building up an audience that truly values what you’re putting out.

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5. Call Centre Operative

With advanced technology, call centers no longer have to only operate in a physical capacity. The server is somewhere with plenty of staff, but operatives can be based anywhere in the world. 

If you work for a specific company they will likely set you up with all the equipment you need for free. If you do multiple freelance call answering jobs, you usually only need a phone and a laptop, so it really is an accessible option for many people. 

6. Get Crafty

Statistics tell us that a massive 63% of people in America participated in some sort of craft within the last year. If you’re cranking out some beautiful work, why not sell your homemade goods online? You could build an amazing business from doing something you truly love. There are various sites that can support you as an independent business. Just remember to get stuck into social media alongside your business launch as it will be an essential tool to your success. 

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

No matter your location, with the right approach, determination, and an open mind, you can build your own success from that sofa of yours.

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