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You love to write, and you’re good at it, but that communications degree with its creative writing major is going to waste. Writers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but there are two things that they all seem to have in common: love for writing (obviously), and excitement at new experiences and knowledge.

Not all writers can, or even want to, write the next great novel, or be Pulitzer prize winning journalists, but visiting places like the QualityGuestPosts website allow the gifted writer an opportunity to flex their writing muscles and compose guest posts for a range of different organisations and enterprises – covering a diverse range of topics.

What Is A Guest Post?

If you have been on almost any major website lately you will probably notice that the majority have a blog section. This is the section of the website that is regularly updated with interesting information related to the site. Blogs have been very popular for several years now, from personal diary style updates to more news style updates on very corporate sites. A guest post is a blog post that is written by someone not associated with the website.

A guest post might be a post from an ‘influencer’, a person with a strong social media presence and following, or it might be a post from someone with exceptional experience in the area (a paediatrician writing on a website for breastfeeding mothers, an air steward writing top travel tips for a travel blog etc). However, more frequently, guest posts are written by clever writers who are passionate about researching new topics.

Blog Tours

This is a speciality type of guest post. Authors and musicians will often do ‘blog tours’ when they have a new release. They create several guest posts on different sites that have an interest in their genre. Usually the posts will appear one after the other, either over a series of days or weeks, on a several different, but related websites, in order to promote a new release (hence the name ‘tour’).

Why Have Guest Posts?

A well written blog post not only creates interest for the regular readers of the website, but it can also aid with Search Engine Optimisation, helping the website be more easily found on search engines like Google. Inviting someone new to write a post as a guest writer means that there is new content on the website or blog page (which Google particularly loves) and provides a new voice and tone for your readers to enjoy. Your guest writer is also often able to bring a fresh perspective to your topic and area of speciality.

Why Write Guest Posts?

As mentioned, writers generally have two things in common. Writing guest posts allows them to write, and research really interesting topics that are often outside their normal areas of expertise (and writers are usually pretty well read on a range of bizarre topics).

There is opportunity to be paid as a writer of interesting blog posts, however, this option is for a ghost-writer. Alternatively, you can make your name as a guest writer, however fame tends to come with a check for exposure only.

What Topics Could I Write On?

How long is a piece of string? (Actually, I kid you not, this is a genuine topic of multiple blog posts: In seriousness, there is really no limit to the options of topics you can write guest posts for. It is just a case of either finding your niche market or finding a reputable firm that will ask you to research and write on a range of topics. You might find yourself learning about the ins and outs of cosmetic dentistry one day, the legal profession in Boston another, and Whale watching in Kaikoura on the third.

If you have strong research skills, backed up by an already broad level of knowledge about a range of different topics, you will find a role as a guest writer much easier, and a lot of fun, than if you are having to spend days learning about a topic in order to write a short and simple post.

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