CouponMama Review: Treasure Cove of Coupons

CouponMama Review 2016

Over a period of time, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity as it saves your substantial money. Coupons are of great help in saving this amount. But it is important to find these codes. These discounts can be found by you at different places such as internet or printable ones and typical newspaper insert.

You should know where to look for the free codes and that will reduce your family shopping bill to a great extent. CouponMama is my personal favorite and I shall let you why that is so, and you can use it to locate the best discounts of all.

Finding “Hidden” Discounts:

  1. At Convenience Stores:

The coupons of many reputed manufacturers can be found at different convenience stores, hang tags, tear pads etc. However you need to be extra alert to be able to locate the coupons and save these for using them at a time when it would fetch better price at some big grocery store on the item. It is quite tricky as you may get codes for stores you may not really shop at and hence the offer is a waste for you.

  1. Inside Product Packages:

You can also find advertisements on discount offers on various packages of the products promoting the “coupon inside or valuable savings”. The only catch is that these codes do not do anything for lowering your shopping bills. You either get some stuff inside or a scratch card for some small gift. It is rare to get the top most offers that are advertised.

  1. In Your E-Mail:

These offers can be found in your email too. Remember to check your email for coupons concerning the products which you subscribe to CouponMama.co.in. Ecommerce companies resort to some “hidden” offers which only the lucky ones can avail, as not are smart enough to use this coupon site. So check your email regularly.

  1. Through Subscribing to the Free Samples:

Most of the time, the samples which you get at your house will come with coupon for that product. You can take advantage of such freebies using Firstcry coupons, Tata Cliq coupons or Snapdeal coupons and also save on the products that you might purchase at a later date.

  1. Within Aisles of Your Store:

You can try to lookout for the offers at your local grocery store which could be available in form of tear pads, sodexo coupons etc. But the biggest catch is that these offers would be limited and you cannot compare between different sellers.

  1. On Social Media:

You can find Social media page of almost every manufacturer and get their latest deal like Freecharge coupons. Locate these and “like” the favorites on their page for finding latest promotions and coupons that are available.

Thus if you are little alert, you might find the best of offers and deals at this amazing coupon site, which is now your Best Friend Forever for all your shopping, from apparels to groceries.

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