New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money

Create blog that make money

“Blogging is not for Earning Money Its about helping others with the Knowledge that you have”

Nowadays anyone (even you) can create a blog which will make money, if and only if it has been read by human beings, not bots and you managed not to get hacked. So you should focus on creating content for humans not search engines while implementing web security to preventing hacking. The amount of money you will make depends on monetizing strategies you are applying. With Blogging, anyone can make $0 to $10,000+/month. Even their are many professional bloggers who are making more than $50k per month.

Create Blog That Makes money

If you want to work as your own boss, then blogging is one of that best way because it provides full control on all over your business, only you will be responsible for your success and failure.

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Today i will tell you how to start a blog and make money from it. I will try to cover every aspects of make money blogging. Even if you don’t want to make money from blogging still this series guide will be very helpful to create a successful blog.

I will split the whole “New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money” into different series, so that you can learn each and everything effectively. As my motto is to become your perfect guide throughout your journey from beginning to success. Don’t Forget Subscribing our Newsletter so that you don’t miss any update.

NB : This is an Introductory Part, which is just like Content Page in any Book.

Ultimate Guide on Creating Money Making Blogs- Points I will Cover

This are 18 points that I will cover in this guide :

  1. What to Blog about and Why
  2. How to Choose a Good Domain Name 
  3. What Should You Choose WordPress or Blogger !
  4. If You Choose WordPress, Where to Host ?
  5. How to Install your Money Making Blog
  6. Why Your Blog is at Risk ? Security Measures to Take Care
  7. How to Choose a Perfect Theme for your blog
  8. Necessary Plugins that I Must have on my Money Making Blog
  9. Creating Most Important Pages for your Blog
  10. How to Write Your 1st Blog Post
  11. Get Content Creation Ideas which will generate Income
  12. Where to get Images For Your Blog and How to Optimize it
  13. How to Build Email List – Why Professional says Money is in the List
  14. As a Growing Newbie Blogger – How to make your blog popular in 60 days
  15. Get More Traffic to Your New Blog
  16. How to Make Backlinks and Dominate Search Engine
  17. How to Make More Money From your blog
  18. Why to Treat your Blog as Real Business

Owning a Blog Already ?

As i had said above, i will cover each and every aspect of make money blogging, this guide will be very useful for you even if you have a blog already. You can skip some post at beginning but still i will recommend you to read so that if you made any mistake you can avoid it. I know some of you are making money but #17 How to make More Money From your Blog can help you earn more, so don’t miss it.

“Traffic on your blog and Monetizing Strategies you apply will decide your Income”

Even I am making money online from Blogging, Marketing and through services, So i can surely give you some tips and will share my experience with you. If you will follow every post guide, then surely you will be going to make money online.

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Thanks for reading my article, i would like to look forward to have you in this complete series. You can share your thoughts and ask questions in Comments box, i will surely reply you. Don’t forget to share this article.

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  1. This is a nice article, I read through the points you mentioned and they are important to be taken care while blogging. I have subcribed for your blog and looking forward to learn from your posts.

    1. Hey Simranjit
      It sound good that you had read the whole blog post carefully. And Thanks for subscribing it will help you to notify you faster whenever new update is done on MoneyGossips

    1. Hi Rajni

      Welcome to MoneyGossips
      Thanks for commenting, I am sure you will gonna learn something new out of it.
      Keep Subscribed with so that you don’t miss any update

    1. Hey Minakshi

      Good to see you here, It feels good when we share our knowledege we have with other so that they can also grow up and didn’t get stuck somewhere, and commits mistake.

      Thanks for the compliment,
      Keep Visiting us


  2. i would Really Thank You,

    because For Newbie It is the Best Way to Start and make Money online, As I suggest Don’t always concentrate on Blog create some niche site where you can get some $$$$|

    Thanks, I believe this blog going to be rock as well as for Newbie new platform to learn and earn

  3. Hello Suprabhat ,

    Looking forward to seeing you 20 part series and looking and will be looking around through some of content. Well, this one of post that giving feedback on what is coming and think these are awesome post.

    A lot people that are just readers and bloggers want to know what might be coming up next. Thank you for the information.

    Paul S.
    paul recently posted…Facebook Graph search Tool For marketingMy Profile

  4. I would comment that first some one should try hard to build a good blog.. Content is the king so if you can build up a good blog with right type of content which readers are willing to read, ads will automatically come and your revenue would automatically increase..

  5. Hey Suprabhat,

    Its my first visit to MoneyGossips. And I must say that you have nicely optimized the blog.

    Coming to the point, Making money out of blogging may not sound easy but its also not that hard. You just have to put time and efforts.

    Making money out of blogging needs a good combo of Hard work and smart work.

    Nonetheless, Great post Suprabhat. Thanks for this wonderful share!

    Have a great week ahead!


    – Rohit
    Virtuo Rohit recently posted…An Inspiring Interview With Catherine Holt of BloggingTips101My Profile

    1. Hey Rohit,

      Welcome to MoneyGossips, Yes i had optimized it to make it look like professional.
      I agree with you that making money from Blogging is not at all easy but one with a perfect plan and dedication one can make it easy. I have seen many bloggers earning $$$$ in a month.

      Keep Visiting us

  6. Hi Suprabhat
    This is really wise to start a blog with aim to earn money from the day one. It will make you put the foundation with its actual objectives. Otherwise if you lately set money making as one of your blogging goals then you need to alter the foundation which is not so easy and brings a lot of risk.
    I think this is one of the most perfect posts on creating a blog to make money with a lot of follow-up posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Mi Muba recently posted…5 proven ways to make your digital product the best sellerMy Profile

    1. Hey Mi Muba

      Good to see you here on MoneyGossips.
      My major aim is not earning money but to help my audience to learn How to earn money online via blogging and many other ways by giving live example of my blog only.
      So that i can generate trust of others by proving them this strategies worked for me.
      I had made this post so that readers can get to know everything on How to Establish a blog perfectly without making any mistakes.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting us.

  7. Hi Suprabhat,

    I have read your About Me page. 🙂

    I’d say you’ve been blogging for quite sometime now and it’s good to know that. So you’re taking Civil Engineering. This is a pretty promising profession. My dad was also an engineer but he was in Electrical Engineering. Originally , he wanted to be a doctor (surgeon) but my grandpa could not afford to send him to school so he settled for Electrical Engineering.

    Anyway, this post is very interesting! Sounds more like “How to Create a Blog”. In fact I am constructing an ebook just like that on this same title. I’ve search other books online and I know there are tons of them. However I’d like to construct mine a complete book for newbies, I will be talking more about the technical stuff on making a blog. I will give them ideas how to use their blog (as a tool) to make money…but not much. The important part of the book is “how to start one” and stop their fear of their computer.

    Anyway, thanks for connecting with me. Looking forward to getting to know you more. Until then. Have a blessed weekend.

    Angela McCall recently posted…Blogging is Not for the WeakMy Profile

    1. Hey Angela,

      Good to see you here at MoneyGossips, Yes i am doing Civil engineering and initially i was very interested in that but however after i started blogging, I got to know that engineering is common now a days in India, So i decided to do something unique and chosen blogging. And Ya it tooks a lot of money if you want to become a Doctor but finally he is a engineer now. Cheers!

      Good to hear that you are creating an E-book for your readers, if you need any help in it, you can ask for it anytime i will be ready. Whenever your E-book get completed let me know, i will surely help you promote your ebook for newbie.Even i would like to know “How can we use our Blog as a tool”.

      I am also very much interested to know more about you.
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Choose Perfect Theme For Money Making Blog ~ Part 7My Profile

  8. Hello,

    I guess you’ve saved my time, I mean i can easily forward this post to my noob friends to make them learn about blogging and its fundamentals.


  9. Hey Suprabhat,

    Thank you for writing this article. I enjoyed reading it.

    I hope you would complete the other headings in the article soon so that many bloggers can benefit from your writeups.

    Your blog design is awesome.

    Creating a popular blog that makes money is not a day job though with dedication one can achieve it in months.

    One of the mistakes i made when i got started online in 2009 is that i didn’t dedicate myself to building a blog.

    I have learnt my lessons anyway.

    Thanks and have a nice day ahead.

    -Olooyede Jamiu
    Oloyede Jamiu recently posted…Learn from my Mistakes: 10 Lessons Learned from 5 years of becoming an Internet EntrepreneurMy Profile

    1. Hi Oloyede,

      I am trying hard and my best to complete it as soon as possible so that my readers can take full benefit of it can start creating their money making blog.
      Thanks i am working on my blog design as well.
      Yes for blogging you need a lot of dedication and patience to achieve success.
      Hope you will not make such mistakes again.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting us
      Suprabhat recently posted…Make Huge Commissions with this Program ~ Affiliate MarketersMy Profile

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Good to see you here at MoneyGossips,
      I get more excited when i get to know that my content has been read by some great readers.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Keep Visiting us

  10. Thank so much Suprabhat Mondal for spending your time writing this valuable article.
    I have read all your article that you mentioned above, it very helpful for me.,,,,
    Rahul Suresh recently posted…Microsoft BandMy Profile

  11. Hi Suprabhat,

    Blogging is not only for earning money, it’s also to help other’s by sharing our knowledge. Getting traffic is the first thing for every blogger. Because, a blog is not a blog without it readers. It’s like a supermarket without customers. We have to do more research about SEO, keyword tool, adwords, SEM, SMO etc before updating a post. Through search engines, we can easily get free traffic when compare to sharing our post through social networks.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep updating innovative post like this.
    Raaja Anandhan recently posted…Worth Reading Books for Engineering GraduatesMy Profile

    1. Hey Raaja,

      Really you said Million Dollar words “Blogging is not only for earning money, it is about to helping other with the knowledge you have” and one should majorly focus on helping users not search engines.
      But now a days driving traffic from Social Networks is not so easy as Facebook pages reach is going down day by day.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…Know How I got Alexa 90k with 36 Days Old blogMy Profile

  12. creating a success full blog over net is something not easy. it requires hard work and dedication to prove your skills. there are lots of ways available to drive traffic on your blog and to earn money through it. i like to promote my blog via SEO and like to earn money with affiliates.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips

    1. Hey Gaurav

      Really now a days as competition is very high, one had to do real hard as well as smart work. Only one thing will not help in achieving success. Affiliate marketing is good if one have potential customers if not then one can go with Ad networks to earn more.
      SEO and Social marketing is the best way to drive traffic to any blog.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Write Your First Blog Post ~ Part 10My Profile

  13. Hey Minakshi

    Good to see you here, It feels good when we share our knowledge we have with other so that they can also grow up and didn’t get stuck somewhere, and commits mistake.

    Thanks for the great compliment !

  14. Hey Suprabhat Mondal
    This is such an amazing guide. I would l would say great round up post. I specially liked #14 as because I am relatively a new blogger and trying to make an impact in quick time.
    By the way I just wanted to ask did you deliberately leaved #17 to #20 un-linked or you forgot to add?
    Saikat Hazra recently posted…How to get your blog post indexed fasterMy Profile

  15. Hello,

    This is a great post. You covered all the points currectly and smartly.
    Thanks for sharing This With us. have a nice day !

  16. Hi Suprabhat,
    Thanks for sharing the article about New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money. Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. I hope it will help me. Great points included in the post.
    Once again thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

  17. Hi, Many thanks pertaining to sharing the content concerning New at all to Blogging and site-building! Start off Developing a Blog Which makes Dollars. Really intriguing along with informative post. When i preferred that. Lets hope will help you me personally. Wonderful items included in the post.

  18. Hey, I would comment that first some one should try hard to build a good blog.. Content is the king so if you can build up a good blog with right type of content which readers are willing to read, ads will automatically come and your revenue would automatically increase..

  19. hey, this is my first visit to money gossip and when I read your this article.You are doing great, this article is very useful for newbies . They do not have to surf several sites to learn, your one is the best.

  20. Hello Suprabhat,
    I really enjoys with all above post. I read all post of this series.
    I want to say something about this post.
    I think this is the blogging.
    If any one newbie want to learn about blogging. He/ She could learn only from this single post.
    Really amazing. Solute to you for this wonderful post.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 WishesMy Profile

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