New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money

Create blog that make money

“Blogging is not for Earning Money Its about helping others with the Knowledge that you have”

Nowadays anyone (even you) can create a blog which will make money, if and only if it has been read by human beings, not bots and you managed not to get hacked. So you should focus on creating content for humans not search engines while implementing web security to preventing hacking. The amount of money you will make depends on monetizing strategies you are applying. With Blogging, anyone can make $0 to $10,000+/month. Even their are many professional bloggers who are making more than $50k per month.

Create Blog That Makes money

If you want to work as your own boss, then blogging is one of that best way because it provides full control on all over your business, only you will be responsible for your success and failure.

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Today i will tell you how to start a blog and make money from it. I will try to cover every aspects of make money blogging. Even if you don’t want to make money from blogging still this series guide will be very helpful to create a successful blog.

I will split the whole “New to Blogging! Start Creating a Blog That Makes Money” into different series, so that you can learn each and everything effectively. As my motto is to become your perfect guide throughout your journey from beginning to success. Don’t Forget Subscribing our Newsletter so that you don’t miss any update.

NB : This is an Introductory Part, which is just like Content Page in any Book.

Ultimate Guide on Creating Money Making Blogs- Points I will Cover

This are 18 points that I will cover in this guide :

  1. What to Blog about and Why
  2. How to Choose a Good Domain Name 
  3. What Should You Choose WordPress or Blogger !
  4. If You Choose WordPress, Where to Host ?
  5. How to Install your Money Making Blog
  6. Why Your Blog is at Risk ? Security Measures to Take Care
  7. How to Choose a Perfect Theme for your blog
  8. Necessary Plugins that I Must have on my Money Making Blog
  9. Creating Most Important Pages for your Blog
  10. How to Write Your 1st Blog Post
  11. Get Content Creation Ideas which will generate Income
  12. Where to get Images For Your Blog and How to Optimize it
  13. How to Build Email List – Why Professional says Money is in the List
  14. As a Growing Newbie Blogger – How to make your blog popular in 60 days
  15. Get More Traffic to Your New Blog
  16. How to Make Backlinks and Dominate Search Engine
  17. How to Make More Money From your blog
  18. Why to Treat your Blog as Real Business

Owning a Blog Already ?

As i had said above, i will cover each and every aspect of make money blogging, this guide will be very useful for you even if you have a blog already. You can skip some post at beginning but still i will recommend you to read so that if you made any mistake you can avoid it. I know some of you are making money but #17 How to make More Money From your Blog can help you earn more, so don’t miss it.

“Traffic on your blog and Monetizing Strategies you apply will decide your Income”

Even I am making money online from Blogging, Marketing and through services, So i can surely give you some tips and will share my experience with you. If you will follow every post guide, then surely you will be going to make money online.

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Thanks for reading my article, i would like to look forward to have you in this complete series. You can share your thoughts and ask questions in Comments box, i will surely reply you. Don’t forget to share this article.

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