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Twikster Create an eCommerce Store Review

How do you build an online store? Do we need to be a registered company before we can start selling online? Is it the right time for me to start selling online? Is selling online even going to be profitable?

There are a lot of questions that come to mind before one starts selling online. It can get very difficult and confusing to make these decisions. But the question that confuses sellers the most is how can I start an online store? There are so many development companies and SaaS companies, what’s the right way to go?

Well, there are two options that people consider. First, developing their website from scratch which means getting it done from a developer ground up. This approach has it’s pros as well as cons. The flexibility is definitely a lot more as any change required can be made to suit the seller’s exact requirement but the cost and timelines for this is huge. If you have the time, budget and patience to get things done, you could consider this option. But of course, in today’s fast paced world, there is barely any scope for these things. Which is why, SaaS models have been on a high rise. One such SaaS platform is Twikster, a DIY solution for SMB’s to create and manage their own online store. The best part? It is an incredibly affordable solution which takes not more than 4-5 days to build!

Now, with other SaaS platforms, all you get is a tool to build your online store but with Twikster, you get an easy way to manage, control and grow your online presence by helping you Drive Traffic to Your Store! And this is how they make online selling easy for you.

Namrata Soni, co-founder of Twikster realised the need of a SaaS model which is pocket friendly and easy to use for people with limited tech know how and hence, the birth of Twikster came about. A feature-rich, highly functional and customizable platform to meet any business’ requirements. The FOREVER FREE option that Twikster has, enables one to showcase one’s work in a new light – converting it from a hobby to a business.

Twikster eliminates all the challenges that sellers face while selling online and this is how they do it:

  1. A one-stop solution to all your eCommerce needs! You get all of this under one roof:
  • A medium through which you can create your own online store
  • A tool using which you can manage your entire social presence – TwiksterEDGE. Read more about it by clicking here.
  • A dedicated team that will help you set up your store and help set you up on all leading marketplaces
  • Service partners to help manage and grow your business (accounting, legal, design services etc)
  • Logistic tie- ups and payment gateway integration’s.

2. Once you sign up on twikster, you are by default on their FOREVER FREE Plan. This way, you can explore the dashboard and understand the working for it.


3. Upgrades can be done whenever you want. With their one of a kind pay as you go model, buy add-ons like Facebook Store, Whatsapp Share, Live Chat, Mobile App and many more whenever your pocket allows you to and your business needs it.

Twikster Review built ecommerce store

4. What’s more, if you have an exclusive brand for which you want a custom design, all you have to do is start off with one of the free default themes and reach out to the team to help you with customization. You can get a theme made from scratch or you can modify the default theme based on the exact needs of your brand.


5. You think things could get a little too technical with payment gateway integration,  on your ecommerce store? Nothing you have to worry about because every Twikster store comes ready with the following payment gateways – PayU India, PayU money, PayTM, DirecPay, InstaMojo, CCAvenue, PayPal and COD.

6. Apart from this, they have Logistic Tie-Ups as well. Once the orders come in, you get the packages ready and have them shipped off using any one of their multiple logistic providers – Fedex, Delhivery, India Post, Aramex, RoadRunnr, Ecom Express and Pick Parcel.

7. And now, coming to marketing your store. Of course one the store is ready, you’d like orders to start pouring in. Every Twikster store is market ready, with integrated social media and other features that make sharing and socializing the store as easy as pie!

8. SEO? Heard of it? Wondered about it? Worried about it? Don’t be! Twikster understand that great SEO means a higher rank on search engines, which means more traffic to your store, more conversions, more sales, more business…In order for this, Twikster allows you to add meta titles, meta descriptions, tags and friendly URLs for every product, category and other pages that you add, improve your SEO and get ranked better with search engines.


So that is that.  Selling online really cannot be made simpler than this! Sign up today and get started with your online stor(e)y at www.twikster.com

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