How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

best email marketing strategy

Email marketing is perhaps the earliest online marketing strategy. The interesting thing about this marketing medium is that it continues to be as effective, if not more, as it was a decade ago. This is despite the fact that many other online marketing strategies have emerged and vanished over the years. Building the right email marketing plan is the key to succeed with it. Here are 6 Email marketing tips 2018 to help you create a successful strategy.

1. Identify Your Audience

The first step to create a successful email marketing strategy is to identify how your target audience is. This depends on what you have to offer and your location. Determine who your target audience is and what do they expect to achieve from your email campaign. When you know who your prospective customers or users are, you can create effective content that addresses their needs or brings them into the sales funnel.

2. Content & Design

Email marketing Strategy

Both your content and design are important to the success of your strategy. Even before you start planning the content, you can take the freedom to create a rough sketch of newsletter design. Consider the different parts and elements of the design:

  • Is there going to be an introduction and conclusion
  • Should any content recur (such as call to action or offers)
  • It is best to stick to colors that match your website and/or brand

Add summaries with interesting content and include a call to action or link. Provide some extra and interesting information in the summary.

When creating the content, you should be able to put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. Determine how they are going to benefit from your content. You can have a general theme for all your newsletters or you may choose to use different themes for different newsletters. If you have different types of news, you can be flexible with the themes.

3. Focus on Consistency

This is one of the most important aspects of a successful email marketing strategy. No matter how busy you are, you cannot afford not to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis. Even when you don’t have much to communicate, you can focus on messages around non-traditional holidays. It is best to create a calendar for the long-term. You can include additional messages down the line as new events unfold. What is important is to stay in touch with your audience and keep delivering something of value to them.

4. Timing & Frequency

Timing is also an important factor to consider when creating your email marketing plan. Depending on who your target audience is and their demographics, there will be the most productive timing when they are most likely to check their emails. Determine what will be the best time when your emails are likely to be read and not ignored.

How frequently should you send the newsletters? Some businesses communicate once a week. Others do it once a month. You should be frequent enough not to let them forget about your brand or blog. And you should also be careful enough that they are not overwhelmed with your emails. Set the perfect balance between the two extremes while ensuring that the content delivered is of great value to your subscribers.

5. Create a Strategy for Rewarding Loyal Customers

It is a smart strategy to categorize your subscribers based on engagement and loyalty. You can target the most loyal categories with rewards to boost your conversion rates. The rewards can be in the form of free services or even gift cards.

6. Go beyond the Email Inbox

Email marketing has been here for decades. It is important that you do something creative to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do so is to combine your email campaigns and relevant social media promotion. Studies show that when you created coordinated social media ads or content, the conversion rates get a big boost. An integrated marketing approach can help you deliver a consistent message across different platforms and drive better results.

So follow all these tips to create a powerful, more effective and successful email marketing campaign. Part of an effective strategy is to ensure that you are using the best email marketing software too.

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