How to Create A Infographic That Get 1000’s Of Share [Infographic]

How to Create a infographic that gets 1000 of share Poster

Have you ever noticed why many growth hackers, bloggers and Marketers use Infographics in their posts? Want to know Why ?

To get noticed! Because Infographics is one of the best way to attract user attention. So I created this infographic in which I will tell you how to create infographic that get 1000’s of share like professional bloggers.

Why are Infographics so Hot these Days ?

It is because they engage audience, convey your message quickly. If you don’t believe then create one attractive infographic and experience it by your own. If you still don’t believe have a look over my last infographic How Various Bloggers Makes Money Online

Studies shows that you can convey more faster by using visuals and audio as compared to written words. Around 68% of us are visual learner. Which directly means that we learn through what we see. For example, it’s much easier to visualize excel data and easily pinpoint key aspects, compared to staring at a wall of numbers.

So for me Infographics is definitely the best way to convey message in short time.
However don’t just create Infographic for sake, you need to keep in mind some of the points while creating inforaphics. In below infographic you will learn what are they :

How to Create a infographic that gets 1000 of share

Keep Infographic Simple! and Always be Useful! and Be Attractive! to grab attention.

Have you ever tried creating an Infographic? If Yes then have you ever notice any change in engagement or traffic? If Yes! Let me know about your views over it.

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  1. Very Interesting Suprabhat this is a mindblowing infographics
    thats the spirit to encourage readers to share articles and links to them
    how do you create this type infographics please mention in the post
    i know you have done awesome job .
    Thanks bro for sharing info
    Purushottam Kadam recently posted…Hostgator Discount Offer March 2015My Profile

  2. great topic bro.. thanks for sharing this information with us..
    I will try this on my blog…
    share not informative articles..

  3. Amazing Suprabhat !!!!
    Infographics do really a great work in getting natural backlinks to your site. I have tested it and it worked for me like a charm.

  4. Hi, Suprabhat!
    That’s great to hear! I am a stay at home mom and this is what I did to start making money writing. Check out my free course on getting paid to write to find the right links!

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