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Content Strategy

With the speed of development of the Internet technologies and the Web, it’s not surprising that most businesses take care of their online presence, developing and implementing various strategies to attract target audience and win their loyalty.

Although a few years before you would rather work for ranking higher in Google and other search engines, today you, as a business, should not use your content only for SEO purposes. Now, content marketing has become an art and a science, which can make you much more successful if studied properly.

A powerful content strategy can help you increase your website traffic and get leads, which will contribute to your growth a lot. A powerful content strategy can help you stand out among your competitors even if those are bigger companies and you are a small business. With all that to be said, if developing a powerful content strategy were that easy, every business would succeed. Yes, you will need time and effort to create the strategy that works. But it’s possible. Have a look at the following questions. Answering them will help you get a better idea of what content marketing is, how it works, and how to make it work for your business effectively.

Why Should You Develop a Content Strategy?

The reasons you build your website and publish some content there is to raise awareness about your brand, increase sales, draw the attention of potential clients, give them an opportunity to contact you, etc. When you clearly know the goal of your business and the goals of your marketing efforts, you will make the first step to a successful content strategy.

So, identify what you expect from your content marketing and list your smaller goals. In order to do that, you may ask yourself such questions:

  • Is my main goal to improve my online presence?
  • Do I need to focus on getting sales, sign ups, or leads?
  • How should I use content to get what I focus on most?
  • Do I need to give the reader unique and valuable information, offer something for free, or anything else?
  • What could be the best ways to give your audience what it needs (e.g. through social media marketing, YouTube channel, company’s blog, etc.)?

Think carefully about the answers as they will allow you to understand what you are actually doing online and where to start from.

Who Is Your Client?

Without knowing for sure who your target audience is, you can forget about any online success. Before you start generating content for the customer, you should be confident that you know what content they expect and what they actually want from you. Here is another set of questions you should ask yourself, which will help you realize what their needs are:

  • Who are your clients (e.g. what country they come from, what age group, which search queries they have found your website through, what type of content they might be looking for, etc.)?
  • What can you offer them that your competitors can’t (e.g. a special discount or some gifts)?
  • Does your content solve their problems or answer their questions?
  • What is the main message you convey through your content?

How Do You Know the Content Is Good?

Good Content

Whatever you do with your website, if it doesn’t look appealing to the visitors, there will be no point in content marketing. But how can you make your content appealing? What does quality content look like?

First, all the texts should be well-written and mistake-free. There is nothing more distracting than to see a blatant error in the title of the page. By the way, watch your titles as they are the first thing your clients see. Titles should be able to catch their attention and give an idea on what kind of content they will see now.

Second, you should always focus on the value that your content brings to the reader. Make sure your articles, posts, and video content are interesting and useful. Never copy them from other sources – the key to your success is providing unique value.

Finally, pay attention to the visual attractiveness. Design pages in such a way that they were easy to read and visually appealing, e.g. use photos, bullet lists, sub headings, and other elements that can increase the readability of your content.

Creating high-quality content for your website is like making a pie with a fresh and yummy filling. If the filling turns out to taste not that good, no one will eat your pie.

Secret #1

You should publish your content on a regular basis.

There’s nothing worse than that disappointment your loyal clients get when they keep on waiting to hear from you but you keep silent. One of the most commonly neglected rules of content marketing is about consistent and regular posting.

It really doesn’t matter how great your content itself is, if you give it out once in a week, your audience will lose interest. Here are a few tips on how to keep your reader interested:

  • If you publish posts daily, do it at the same time every day.
  • If you publish weekly, do it on the same days at the same time (ideally, 3 times a week).
  • Publish the same amount of posts, either daily or weekly.

What can be easier than that? When you have some timetable, your audience will know when to expect new content and will wait for it with more interest.

Secret #2

Your content should always be relevant.

You may post occasional entries related to breaking news in your company or the industry you’re working in; you may also post-holiday related pieces suitable for different seasons. However, the major part of the content on your website must stay relevant and interesting all year round, not just on a particular day or during a certain season. This can include general tips, how-to tutorials, ideas that will always be trending – anything that many people are always interested in and that they can read and use anytime.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to such an important thing as content marketing, it always makes sense to address a professional. There are online agencies with experts who can take care of all your content (for more information go here: 10 Page Papers. Such companies will help you with your content strategy, taking into account the needs of your audience as well as SEO purposes.

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