What is on the Deep Web? – Complete Guide

What in the Deep Web

Many of us are not familiar with the term deep web. The reason behind this is the invisibility of certain web content that is not indexed by the regular search engines. The deep web is a space that is filled with loads of information and hosts a number of databases that are useful to number of uses surfing through the deep web. Deep web or the dark web is difficult to be indexed by search engines because it has a large amount of information scattered over different locations. The regular search engine’s mechanisms are not strong enough to index the information present on the deep web. There would be hardly anything that couldn’t be found on the deep web.

A number of sources have claimed that only 5% of the internet has been explored and the rest hidden web is called the deep web. Only the few clever people can access deep web and find resourceful information and also the services that couldn’t be found on the internet. You can imagine that how big the deep web is. But do you know what is on the deep web that cannot be found across the regular web. The article discusses the ways to access the deep web and also tells you about the things can be found on deep web.

Accessing the Deep Web

A normal browser is not sufficient to access the deep web. You can only access the deep web using the deep web browsers. Tor is one of the most popular browsers for accessing the deep web content. This web browser is recommended to the first time users of deep web. Though there are a number of web browsers that can be used for accessing the deep web sites links, but so far Tor is the best one. It is predesigned with subtle configurations that can protect you from any potential threat. The anonymity of the people browsing through deep web browsers is maintained.

What is on the Deep Web – Products and Services

You can find just everything here that you can imagine. It is a hub for all legal and illegal activities along with useful research information. It has a huge amount of data that accounts to 15petabytes in total. Mostly, people use it for doing illegal activities. If you are wondering that what is on the deep web then here is the list of things/services found here.

Credit Card Information

If you require extra money to spend then the deep web can offer you the money. There are people present here who can steal credit card details of other people and deal with you at a good amount. Once the credit card details are with you, you can do whatever you want to do. You need to make sure that the whole process is carried safely and you are not caught.

Government Secrets

Most of us believe that the there is a conspiracy theory cooking inside the government. Deep web has a number of conspiracy theories to list in front of you. A wide range of secrets of governments of different countries are available on the deep web. Most of the government agencies have taken their secrets down as they can be a major threat to nation’s security. Still, you can find a number of government secrets across the deep web.


Deep web is the place where you can easily find your favorite weapons at affordable price. These weapons are as deadly as the real military grade weapons. The only difference is that these weapons and armors are not licensed. Buying the weapons from here is illegal and also not safe.


There are people who can steal just anything for you. You need not pay in advance. Once the person steals the thing of your choice, he/she will send you its photo and then only you have to make the payments. Once the payments are released by you, the item will be shipped to your place. But, beware.


Are you a porn lover? The deep web is the place to fulfill your creepiest fantasies. A number of deleted porn videos are available here. Moreover, you can find the people who can broadcast the private cam shows at certain price.

Betting/Match Fixing

Betting is legal in few countries of the world, but there are countries where betting is still considered a crime. You can easily bet on your favorite team, player, and the sport of your choice. Moreover, you can fix the complete match. Just throw the money and see the show.


You can also get someone murdered by the deadly murderers. These hitmen will do your job for money. Just pay them and they will give you the full proof of killing the person you desired.


hacker hacking

It also has a number of hackers who can hack any website of your choice with tightest security for money. Let it be the government website or the social accounts of your ex, these guys will do it all for the money.


The deep web is also popular for the most popular drug store. You can easily find the best quality drugs ranging from Marijuana to the pills and acid. Just every drug is available at this place. Also, you can choose the location of delivery and these drug dealers will get it delivered to you discretely. You might have listened about the drug station – Silkroad on deep web. It was shut down by the FBI, but was started again as Silkroad 2.0 and now you can buy the drugs from Silkroad 3.0.

The Last Words

I hope you have got the answer so far that what is on deep web. The deep web is the hub information and products/services that cannot be found easily across the internet. But you need to be clever and careful while using this form of web. Tor can be the browser used for accessing the content of deep web. Take all the safety measures and precautions before accessing deep web

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