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Losing Money? Defeat Adblocker with Adnow Anti-Adblock Technology

Beat Adblockers

We all are losing a big chunk of money daily because of growing popularity of adblockers. According to Pagefair in 2015 there were more than 198 million active adblock users across the world. Due to this growing popularity of adblocks revenue of publishers are going down every year.

Don’t worry anymore Adnow has developed a technology of Anti-Adblock to protect publishers from losing their revenue. But before we proceed further let’s have a brief about Adnow.

What is Adnow?

Adnow is a native advertising network that offers widget based native ads to publishers, so that they can use it on their website to make money. Adnow has more than 1,50,000 publishers as of now. This  network is too good for medium traffic blogs unlike Taboola, Outbrain and Revcontent. Also the RPM rates of Adnow is much better as compared to others. If you are looking to monetize your blog/website with native ads, then this network can be a good option.

adnow review native ads

Adnow was started in year 2014, by a team of Big Data, Digital Marketing and RTB experts to create a new hybrid ad format. This format serves ads and other interesting things with the contents of websites so as to enhance user engagement. With the help of Adnow it is possible to use both native ads and media banners in the same campaign, which would be of much use for agencies and clients engaged in the brand promotion activities.

Within 2 years operation, Adnow become the fast growing native advertising network which helping 1,50,000 partners & serving more than four billion impressions every month across 107 countries.

Why and How to Bypass Ad-blocker Revenue Losses?

I hope you understand what is native advertising, if no then click here to know more about native advertising. It is one of the trending advertising technique that seems a best option to bypass the revenue loss caused due to traditional advertising and ad blindness. Why? Because People Engage more with Native Ads.

You’ve probably heard the term banner ad blindness. It’s the propensity of internet users to block out and essentially not see banner ads on a website. Native ads look and feel like the flow of content on our sites, users love the native ad unit. CTR tend to be much higher on native units.

Native Ads

Native ads are viewed as much as editorials are viewed, it is because native ads are placed with the flow of content on a website or social media. It has been seen that native ads receives 3.5 times more views, 3 times more shares and 2.9 times more attention than editorial pieces.

How to Create a Publisher Account?

  • First of all you have to Sign Up for publisher account at Adnow
  • After signing up, add your site details like Name, URL, Language and Traffic.
  • Next, Publishers are required to place verification code on their website for moderation.
  • Once your website gets approved you can start placing Ads widgets code on your website to display native ads.

How to integrate Adnow Anti-Adblock Technology?

Integrating new Adnow anti-adblock technology on your website is very easy, you can do it in two simple ways.

  1. Contact your personal manager to get the code.
  2. You can either install that code into your widget or directly to site body using HTML.

Beside this 2 steps there is even more simple step to customize and place Adnow native (if you are a WordPress user). Just Install Adnow WordPress Plugin then authenticate your account via token. That’s all. This WordPress plugin will save your time: you can simply place Adnow ads on your site in a few minutes without any coding skills. Apart from installation, it also provides an ease for better customization of ads as per your site style, color and place best suited position.

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How to Customize Your Native Ads?

Native ad Plugin

Customizing native ads is fun easy with Adnow’s recently launched WordPress plugin. You can install and integrate by following below steps:

  1. Go to WordPress Setting, Select Plugin and Click on Add New there you have to search Adnow and install it.
  2. After the file gets download, Click “Activate”.
  3. Now Log in to your Adnow account, Go to profile and click “WordPress Plugin”.
  4. Here Select your website with WordPress Plugin, Token value will appear copy it.
  5. In WordPress sidebar, click “Adnow Plugin” Paste the Token value in the field “Token” & click on Save Change.

With the help of Adnow WordPress plugin you can easily customize and place native ads on your blog without any coding skills.


Well, you can easily bypass adblockers using Adnow native ads as it works on all type of website. Unlike traditional banner ads, Native ads has potential to raise your revenue by 25%. Apart from that, with the launch of such anti-adblock technology, securing adblock losses will be much easier. So, what’s you waiting for, start monetizing your traffic with Adnow native advertising as it is well compatible with Google Adsense.

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