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Disaster Relief Pakistan

When it comes to philanthropy, Bashir Dawood is one of the most renowned names in the country. For most, he is just a business tycoon who is good at being the face of leading electronic companies such as Dawlance. However, for the people of Pakistan, the name Bashir Dawood is a beacon of hope.

The Dawood Foundation, led by Bashir Dawood and his spouse Mariyam Dawood, has played an active role in starting and operating a disaster relief program for the needy in Pakistan. The establishment has played a monumental role in making sure that those in dire need of help are taken care of.

The foundation mainly focuses on donating food and supplies to the needy in case of a natural disaster, which tends to hit Pakistan quite often and frequently. They work on the motto of kindness and compassion, as they believe that if humans aren’t going to be there for one another, help isn’t going to come from elsewhere.

Bashir Dawood himself took the initiative to launch the foundation in the early 2000s. Throughout the past two decades, the foundation has been successful in collecting funds and providing food and shelter to those affected by floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

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Helping Drought Affectees

Pakistan has the world’s 17 largest deserts in the world, named the Thar Desert. Sadly, the area is known for famine, causing lots of deaths and malnutrition problems. The Dawood Foundation works with other NGOs to provide help to famine-affected families.

Moreover, they have funded different projects to create health facilities in the area and install wells across the desert. They have helped over 1000 families in the vicinity by providing food items such as sugar, rice, milk, and mineral water.

Flood Relief Program

The Dawood Foundation has also been a staunch supporter of Pakistan’s flood relief program. Pakistan naturally receives lots of monsoon rainfall every year. Especially in the year 2010, the monsoon rainfall brought a lot of destruction and caused massive floods throughout the country.

The floods submerged more than 17 million acres of Pakistan’s most fertile crop and killed 200,000 livestock. It proved to be a pandemic of sorts for common farmers. The foundation immediately took action by providing support to these families in the form of medicines, food, tents, and moral support.

Relief Items for Earthquake Affectees

In 2005, Pakistan was hit with one of the deadliest earthquakes in the history of South Asia. The official death toll reached up to 100,000, and approximately more than 150,000 people were injured as a result of the earthquake.

The Dawood Foundation dispatched proper relief packages containing tents, blankets, food rations, clothes, and medicines so that the affectees could get immediate help. The foundation further acted to restore several affected villages that were completely destroyed by the earthquake. At present, the Dawood Foundation is continuously working to provide help to Coronavirus victims and establish a safe haven for girls’ education in Pakistan. Their determination has improved the lives of many individuals in Pakistan, and they hope to continue doing it.

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