How to get Do follow backlink from Alexa! DA 94

Dofollow backlinks from Alexa

Do you want to grab do follow backlink from a site which has Domain Authority of 94 ? Yes In this post today I will tell you how to grab 2 do follow backlink from Alexa which has domain authority of 94. From last few days I was just focusing on Off Page SEO. While link building I thought of sharing a way to get dofollow backlink from Alexa.

Dofollow backlinks from Alexa

Before this I had shared a post in which you can learn how to dominate search engine by creating backlinks. Many of us don’t know how to get do follow backlink from so I thought of sharing it with my readers. But before we proceed I would like to tell you a bit about backlink so that even a newbie blogger can get enough knowledge about backlinks.

What are Backlinks ?

Backlinks are the incoming link from one website or web page. In simple words this are the hyperlinks pointing at your blog/website. One can get backlinks from many webpage, blogs, directories, websites, top level domains etc.

Here are my list which I used to create backlinks :

In real world as you the more votes any political leaders gets, he wins the Election. Similarly on Internet the more backlinks a website have much higher rank in get on search engine. But ensure that you get backlink from :

  • Relevant
  • High authority web pages
  • Do follow

There are two types of backlinks :

  1. Do follow backlink : It passes link juice (essential)
  2. No follow backlink : It didn’t pass link juice (not so essential but can help in driving traffic)

Nowadays one cannot rank without creating backlink just only relying on on page seo, one has to give attention to off page seo. As competition is getting high day by day, so to attain higher rank or maintain its search engine ranking one has to create do follow backlink.

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Why getting backlink from Alexa is important ?

As I told above has Domain Authority of 94 and it has page rank of 7. So one can imagine himself how powerful & useful which will surely provide high values to your blog. The way I am going to tell you today will help you get 2 do follow backlinks of your desired anchor text. If you are trying to rank for any particular keywords, then you should add your keywords in anchor text and link back to your blog post link. Check out the picture below which shows I am getting backlink from Alexa. Alexa Overview

You may want to know the professional tips to increase alexa rank.

How to get do follow backlink from Alexa ?

Follow these steps to get do follow link back :

1. Visit and Sign up for a new account or else you can use your Facebook account to Sign in.

2. Fill all the details and claim your site. (So Alexa can verify it is your site)

3. Now you will get an option for one month free trial for Alexa plan.

4. Signup and it will ask for credit card details, fill all the details it will not deduct any money. (Or Else share this post to get a virtual credit card details)

[sociallocker]Number – 5415 9150 5959 9222
CVC – 405
Expiry – 3/18 [/sociallocker]

5. After that visit (Replace with your blog link), Scroll down you will get an option to edit site info, click on it enter all details and add your blog link and keyword.

6. That’s all you did it.

This was all about getting do follow backlink from I hope you got your backlink from alexa, if you face any problem fill free to use our contact form or comment section to solve your query. Don’t forget to share your way of getting do follow backlink with us from other High DA, PA sites.

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