Don Forman: Las Vegas Philanthropic Angel

Don Forman

If you ask Don Forman Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities to live and visit. But a whole lot has happened over the years, many stories about the unfortunate circumstances that happen to families never get heard. Yet, when it comes to Don Forman United Nissan and the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, these powering forces are out there performing philanthropic duties to help Las Vegas residents survive.

Who Is Don Forman?

Forman is a highly accomplished business owner of several car dealerships. His keen business acumen, deep insight, and down-to-earth style have resulted in outstanding sales at his dealerships, and he’s become more of a much-needed angel to the underprivileged in Vegas. He has partnered with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, focusing on changing the lives of people, and helping provide stability in the community.

For those that don’t remember, it was Don Forman United Nissan that assisted stranded travelers back in 2001; it was the day of the 9/11 attacks. Rented vans, chartered buses, purchased and handed out bottled water, and even performed baggage-handling; these were some of the responsibilities Don Forman organized, directed, and sponsored, to the tune of more than $8,000 dollars that day. But this is nothing new for the Vegas businessman because he’s always had a big heart, pitching in to save the day.

According to Don Forman Las Vegas needs more philanthropic services from a wide array of organizations to help strengthen disadvantaged communities, and hopefully, his generous gestures will encourage and inspire more businesses to step up for a cause.

Forman continues to be particularly generous, and aligning his business with Fox 5 Surprise Squad has enabled access to more dire needs. During the holidays, Forman and the Surprise Squad helped with humanitarian causes like buying groceries, and they ended their show with a mission of helping a  75-year-old grandmother, on a meager pension raise six grandchildren. Paying rent for a year for this family was Don Forman’s surprise.

He’s On A Mission To Help Communities

Noticeably Don Forman pursues goals that go beyond the success of his own operations and profits at the end of the year. He’s adopted a social commitment and donates much more often than the people of Las Vegas realize.

Thinking you should become more involved? According to Don Forman Las Vegas families could certainly use the extra financial help. Forman says even small contributions, can help at least improve the quality of life of families and other less fortunate individuals. You wouldn’t believe what a small gesture can do for a family.

Toys, clothes, shoes, groceries, and toiletries make a big difference.  In difficult times donations mean survival, and it becomes an opportunity for them to excel.

And for those who want to make a difference, there are plenty of Las Vegas non-profit organizations in need of charitable donations, like shelters for women, volunteer centers, and rescue missions.

Enjoy reading about the latest achievements and alliance with the Fox5 Surprise Squad on Don Forman’s Facebook page.

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