4 Simple Ways to Download Instagram Videos

4 Simple Ways to Download Instagram Videos

Now a days Most of us use Instagram, as it is one of the best image sharing social sites widely used across the whole world. Not only it allow sharing pictures but now it also allow sharing of videos, which made it awesome way to engage with followers. People also call Instagram as mini YouTube, because of this feature. If you have the habit of downloading online videos, then you might feel quite annoying that it doesn’t allow downloading videos directly.

So today I decided to write a post in which I will share 4 simple ways in which you can download Instagram videos easily. Basically there are 2 ways in which you can easily download Instagram videos but I have elongated in 4 different ways. Basic two ways of downloading Instagram videos are :

  1. Using Browser
  2. Using Third Party Websites

We will explain both ways more below.

4 Simple Ways to Download Instagram Videos

Let’s get started, How to Download Instagram videos easily and quickly. Follow these simple steps and get your favorite video downloaded in your PC & Smartphones easily. Here we go :

1. Using Web Browser (Use Torch Browser to Download Instagram Videos) :

If you want to download Instagram videos on your PC then, you can do this by Downloading Torch browser on your computer. Once downloading get complete  you have to install torch browser. Now paste the URL of Instagram video that you want to download and load the page. Then play that video so that Instagram can grab video link.

Torch Browser Instagram Video Download

After that in right side of the Top bar you will find a button named “Video” when there is no video playing on screen it will be in grey color unclickable but once you play any video that button will turn green and you can click that link to download Video.

Click on Video Tab Download Instagram Video

This way you can download Instagram video and the downloaded video format will be “.mp4”.

2. Using DreDown to Download Instagram Videos :

There are many 3rd party website that help you download Instagram videos similar to YouTube. To download instagram video, all you need is the video URL’s. Open any instagram video on PC and from the URL section you can copy the URL of that video.

What you have to do is, Paste the video url into DreDown, and click on Enter. Within few seconds your web browser will start downloading instagram videos. Isn’t you think this method is quite easy and quick ?

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3. Flow for Instagram (Download Instagram Videos on iPhone and iPad) :

Flow Download Instagram Videos

If you want to download videos directly to your iPhone & iPad’s, then you should be happy as there is a direct client app Flow which let you download Instagram videos quickly and easily. I found this method to be quite easy as it has changed my experience of using Instagram with this native app. You can download any Instagram videos directly with one tap.

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4. Using IFTTT to Download Instagram Videos :

You might have bored by copying link again and again and using DreDown for every video URL. But don’t worry we have another method which you can use to download Instagram videos without copying URL again and again. What you have to do is simply setup IFTTT.

IFTTT Instagram Video Download

Those who don’t know about IFTTT, I would like to give you a brief explanation about it. IFTTT is an automation service that let you automate almost everything related to your online life. From reading eBooks to your iPhone’s there are many such options. The best part is that you can use IFTTT to download Instagram videos quickly.

But before that you need following things :

  • IFTTT Account
  • Instagram Account
  • Dropbox Account

Now you have to setup all these 3 things together and have to choose : Do you want to download every videos you upload or Download every Instagram videos you like. Result would be that your every liked video will be saved and downloaded in Dropbox.

This was all about How to Download Instagram Videos without facing any issue and that too quickly. Let me know if you face any issue while downloading Instagram videos or setting up your IFTTT account. I would like to help you solve your issue. Don’t forget to share this post! Thanks

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