Email Marketing Best Practices – 4 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

Email Marketing Best Practices

Many of us don’t know about the basics of email marketing, and if email marketing is done properly one can drive huge daily traffic and that too targeted traffic which means money and more money. Today I will give 11 basics of email marketing best practices followed by huge companies like Apple, Feedly.

The 11 tips below may seem basic but you will find many of the core of the best email marketing campaigns are out there. Only I am not the person who says money is in the email list but also many pro bloggers have proved it and presented their case studies as well.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Let’s start, email marketing best practices include following things :

  1. Create an exclusive club
  2. Show that you care
  3. Ask for feedbacks frequently
  4. Use Social Proof

11 Tips For Dramatically Better Emails

#Tip 1 : Create an Exclusive Club/Community

By making your email subscribers feel special is one of the great way to generate excitement about the content or offers you are sending them and it is one of the best way to build community.


Take Apple.Inc as an example, Whenever Apple launches any new product customers camp outside their store to have their hand on latest Apple devices. By Offering Pre orders, they are creating enough excitement within customers without putting more stress to retail stores, this is the reason Apple.Inc is a strong company in it’s field.

NB : Keep your readers engaged with your blog on regular basis.

#Tip 2 : Show that you care

Have you ever thought how many mails your subscriber receive on daily basis, if not then I will tell you that they receives few dozens of mails, they are constantly being asked to download e-book, follow someone on Twitter etc.

There is so much of noise in most subscribers inbox, by showing that you care about them will surely develop more trust among them.

You can also show care to your subscribers by giving them some worthy things for free like premium e-books, premium subscription or anything else.

#Tip 3 : Ask For Feedback Frequently

We receive many mails from huge companies asking for feedback or asking some question, have your ever thought why they ask for feedback ? If no! then this post will help you in which neil patel has explained how asking question increase more traffic time on your website.

For Example, here is a mail from Feedly below, in which they are introducing Jimmy to something new, but not begging to comeback but they are asking the reason which led to cancellation its membership.



Image Source : GetVero

NB : The easier it is to leave feedbacks, the more people will do it.

#Tip 4 : Use Social Proof

Facts taken from Kissmetrics

1. Over 70% Americans says they look at product review before making any purchase.

2. While 63% of American consumers indicates that they are more likely to make purchase from a site if it has good review and ratings.

Social proof is the reason many sites are continue to thrive in today’s tough competition. Consumers trust other consumers thinking and review. Similarly there are many advertisers who looks for more social shares which shows that this blog or site is quite active.

And the same thing applies to email marketing best practices, it is best to be genuine and real because nobody to throw hammer on own leg.

For Example : Take GrowthHackers, if a GrowthHackers discussion have more than 15 comments or upvotes it means good informations is passing on.

NB : If you don’t have forum or discussion board, consider including social share count in it.

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There are more tips to come so stay tuned, which are being followed by top companies but we never thought it is one of their email marketing best practices. Let me know about your views and your best email marketing practices in comments below.

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