Enstine Muki – The Money Maker Machine

Enstine Muki - Money Making Machine

There are so many bloggers all around the web but 90% of them can’t make living out of it. One day I got a thought why not feature all those bloggers at one place who are making living out of blogging.

So from Today I will be featuring those bloggers who are making living out of blogging and can also help you make more money from your blog. So that you don’t have to struggle more on Google to search for the best.

One of the best money maker machine I know is Enstine Muki. He is making money online since 2005 started working online as creating websites and web application developers.

Enstine Muki - Money Making Machine

Why Enstine Muki is so successful in making money. Have you ever thought ?

It’s because he love his work and passionate about it. Here are some of his works :

  • BroadedNet (Helps you Drive traffic without SEO and Social Promotions)
  • MyCommentAuthors  (WordPress Traffic & Engagement Plugin)
  • CashDonator (WordPress Ad Management & Sales Plugin)
  • EasyRetweet (Twitter Based traffic & follow platform) I am also working on a similar project like it known as RetweetBird which will be live soon.

It was a brief bio and work about Enstine Muki. Now you would like to know how he makes money online.

How Enstine Muki Makes Money Online ?

Actually Enstine is not making money from a single source, he has various sources which makes him money even when one source stop working. This thing you should learn from him is not relying on a single source of earning when working online. As any time your one source can stop making money from you due to various reasons.

Sources of Enstine Income :

  • Affiliate Marketing (ClickBank & Others)
  • Direct Advertising
  • BroadedNet & Cash Donator
  • Premium Posts (Recently Started)

Enstine Major Source of earning is from Affiliate marketing If you will see his last month income report you will find he earns majorly from affiliate and then direct advertisements.

If you also want to earn from direct advertisements then I would recommend you to consult with Enstine, he will surely help you increase your income from banner advertising with your blog.

Video Guide from Beginner to Pro How Enstine Muki makes Huge Income as a Affiliate Marketer

He is recently working on Broaded.net which will help you drive targeted traffic to your blog without SEO nor any social promotion. Just spend some credit submit your blog post and then you will be able to see increment in your blog traffic and sales as well. Click here to know how to use it.

Some of his latest blog posts :

  • 4 Stupid reasons your blog doesn’t make enough money for you
  • How to Increase Referral traffic without sweating
  • 20 Top Bloggers and their blog to follow in 2015

 Follow Enstine on Social media :

Connect with him via his blog or on Social media, and I am sure he will help you increase your blog income to another level.

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  1. Hey bro,
    I’m honored to be your first featured blogger and thanks for highlighting my products and giving me this exposure.

    As a matter of fact, I love creating products and the few I have created are doing good. I’ll be excited too to signup to your up coming product. How soon will that be.

    I know there lots of goodies ahead and I’ll be ready to share with anyone anything that will help them make money online.

    thanks once more for this beautiful exposure 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How to INSTANTLY reduce Bounce Rate with Zero Bounce WP Plugin!My Profile

    1. Hey Enstine,

      I feel great to feature you in front of my readers as all are seeking for money and there is no better personality then you who can inspire them.
      You have created some amazing apps in which Broaded.net is most used by me.
      My product will be live soon in 10 days or less.

      I wish you all the best for future.
      Keep Making Money Online
      Suprabhat recently posted…How i ranked a post and made $600 in 4 daysMy Profile

  2. Enstine Muki is a great blogger . I have been a regular visitor of his blog and have also read about his income stories , he is making a good income from his blog .

    Affiliate earning is more as through affiliate marking we can earn high income .

    Broaded.net by him is another great site where we can get traffic for free and I have been using it to get traffic to my blog .
    Simranjit Singh recently posted…{SECRET REVEALED } Here’s a list of sites from where you can earn doing simple tasksMy Profile

  3. I am following Ensitne sir , from the day I start my first blog 😀 he is real inspiration for bloggers !!!

  4. Hey Suprabhat,
    You are right, I agree with you.
    I always follow Enstine sir. It’s really great man. I really love to read his blog post.

    I have no words to say something about Enstine sir.
    Any way thanks for sharing about Enstine sir.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes 2016My Profile

  5. Hey Suprabhat,

    I have been following both the blogs i.e. yours and entine muki’s blog.
    I wonder how missed this article.
    Now that i have came across let me tell everyone that he not only has good online money making ideas and abilities but he is a wonderful guy as well.
    Came to know him through a short email conversation.
    Nayab Khan recently posted…Blog commentingMy Profile

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