Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Tech Blog

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Just in case you haven’t figured it out for yourself just yet, technology is the industry of the future – and it’s an industry that influences thousands of others. Technology is exciting, too, and it has an impact on every other industry including healthcare, transport and more. Would you love to blog about technology? Here’s everything that you should know about starting your own tech blog

Nerds can be everyone now


We’ve experienced a complete revolution in the past ten or twenty years: Nerds used to get bullied endlessly for their tech-fascination, and it was generally considered to be something that, well, you didn’t want to be. These days, nerds can be everyone – and we can even go as far as to say that nerdiness is considered sexy. You can capitalize on this readership when starting your blog and cater to everyone who loves tech exactly as much as you do. Nerds can be everyone, and that means more readership for your new tech blog.

What kind of tech are we talking?

You’ll have to decide what kind of tech your blog will be covering – and you might have to include several categories here so that you can cover all of your bases. There’s gaming technology and then there’s technology which affects industry; there’s also technology that affects healthcare, and technology that will fit well with readers who are, say, professional lawyers. Decide what kind of tech you will be covering and adapt your blog accordingly – niche blogging is very powerful for drawing readership.

Getting Tech to review

One of the many reasons that people visit tech blogs is to see the latest technology and gadgets in action – with reviews and thoughts on how well the blogger thinks they work. You can easily apply for sponsorships here and get games and other tech sent your way (usually from the distributors) in exchange for an honest review. You might also be sent the tech to review by some readers who love your content – and that’ll be what drives your content. Some tech you’ll have to buy from your own pocket to review, and in time your readership will no doubt justify this expense as your blog’s hits go up.

Technical problems with tech

Okay, so tech reviews aren’t always cool. Yes, really. Remember that some of the techs you will be reviewing might experience some technical problems – and this is completely normal. Just remember to include this in your reviews too. Use this as a platform to ask if anyone else experienced these problems, or use this time to contact the manufacturers and find out more about the problems you experienced. There will be technical problems with some tech you review, and this shouldn’t hamper your blog platform – in fact, it’s something that can help your blog and give you something to write about.

SEO really matters now

Basic Seo Tips for Bloggers

If you’ve been part of the blogging world for a while, you must have heard about SEO by now – that’s short for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s something that turns out to be much more important than you think. It’s all about keywords you are using, and how search engines react to these keywords. Get the keywords right, and that’s most of the battle won right there. Do you want to be known online? Make sure search engines can reach you so that people – your readers – can find you online. If this is down to just a little keyword research, why aren’t you doing it right now?

Need to know more about SEO? Read this guide on the 80/20 of SEO.

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