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Making money on the internet has never been easier. You have plenty of individuals who have built their empires from scratch and continue to reach new heights.

Of course, those who have started early have the advantage, but getting into this game is never too late. If you are looking to change professions or make something extra on the side, there is more than one way to do that. Especially if you have experience with the internet.

Print on Demand

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about print on demand is probably t-shirts. While there are thousands of stores that sell custom-made t-shirts, this is not the only product with print on demand potential. Mugs, calendars, phone cases, other clothes are just a few examples.

If you have no idea how this business works, it would be for the best to read specific guides on the internet. One of the best examples would be Printify on how to start an online store without inventory article, as it has all the fresh information about the industry.

Training Videos

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There is this idea that what you learn in school and college does not necessarily translate into something useful in real life. The education system is full of holes and most degrees end up collecting dust.

Training skills like writing, graphic design, video editing, SEO are sought after by a lot of young people. If you can get to a point of mastering at least one of these yourself, you can become an instructor on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. 


Despite the claims of its decline, blogging remains a hobby for some, and a full-time job for others. If you feel like you have a lot of things to write about, then blogging is definitely one of the best options. The most popular bloggers have a passion for things that they write about. So, keep that in mind if you want to start blogging.

Once you have decent traffic, you can start to think about monetization. Some like to stick with ads, others try to market their courses or e-books, and then there are those who make money from guest posting.

Affiliate Marketing


If you want a source of income online, affiliate marketing is certainly one of the oldest and most popular methods. 

To make money, you need a channel where you can promote products. A website is an ideal option, though some like to stick with social media.

Whenever someone clicks your affiliate link and gets redirected to a seller’s website, they need to make a purchase before the expiration of cookies. Each sale like that brings you a commission.

First, it was Amazon and ClickBank that dominated the industry simply because they had the most products. These days, however, you can get an affiliate partnership with almost anyone, which is great considering how many people with different expertise there are.

Freelance Writing

Learning to write is easy, but mastering the craft to a point where you can make money is an entirely different thing. Nevertheless, it is not something out of the realm of impossibilities, especially if you focus on a particular niche.

Becoming an expert on a specific subject will take less time, and it is simpler to become recognized and famous. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of writers out there already, and the competition gets pretty tough if you cannot distinguish yourself from others.


Another skill that takes time to learn, but is well worth it. Search engine optimization is crucial for businesses that want to remain relevant and appear at the top of Google.

Big companies spend thousands of dollars on their SEO campaigns every month, and there has to be someone to earn it. If you can become an SEO professional, you can rest assured that there will always be work for you.


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The most popular video platform on the internet provides plenty of opportunities for everyone who has an artistic side and can pump videos every now and then.

Most YouTubers rely on Patreon or other crowdfunding pages since ad revenue is not as great as it used to be. 

It is also worth mentioning that there is another way to make money on the platform even if you cannot come up with videos yourself. Even average channels on YouTube have a dedicated editor. Meaning that there is another hole in the market that needs filling, and that person could be you.

All in all, there are more than enough ways to make money on the internet, especially if you are eagerly looking to change your job or want to create a passive source of income. And while it takes time to learn, such efforts never go to waste.

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