Family Zoo: The Story – Build a New habitat for the Animals

Family Zoo

Every one of us loves to play games. The gameplay becomes more interesting if the game has rich graphics and nice sound. Family Zoo is one such game that brings the rich gameplay into the mobile device. You will love to solve the puzzle, build the supermarket, and welcome new friends in your zoo. The game has much more to offer to you. If you are a gaming enthusiast who loves to play brainstorming game then this game is tailored for you. Let us learn more about it in the Family Zoo review alongside.

About Family Zoo: The Story

Family Zoo is a superb game that is developed by Plarium LLC. The game is fully-fledged with rich graphics and peaceful music. You just need to build the new habitat for the animals by winning the tickets. You can try solving the puzzles to earn the tickets and you can easily swap between match 3 levels and build the zoo anytime. There are hundreds of challenging and delicious puzzles to solve. During the gameplay, you can meet old and new friends and work together to ensure that each and every animal has a place to live in your zoo. To advance in the story, you need to complete the quests and earn the rewards.


The Family Zoo Divisions

The family zoo is basically divided into 3 different areas and each area has different animals. The more you progress in the game, the more areas are unlocked. The areas will be expanded soon and there are many areas and animals to be added in the game. Here are three different areas:

  • Administration: It is the area from where the game begins. Charlotte is the zookeeper who needs to fix the zoo’s main gate before entering into the zoo. You can fix the gate and choose the statue that will represent the spirit of the zoo. The administration area is used to house different businesses like food truck (generates coin on daily basis), or the billboard (watch reward videos to earn coin and life).

Zoo Game

  • Safari Danger Zone: It is the first area that needs to be unlocked. It is the area where dangerous animals live. It is the area of big cats, but don’t worry, they are not as dangerous as you think. You can also unlock several toys and other assets for the animals to play with. Lion, Tiger, and panther are the animals found in the danger zone.
  • Safari Safe Zone: This zone is safer as compared to the danger zone. It is the home to herbivorous animals that are found in Africa. There are plenty of trees in the area and will attract more visitors. It is the home to animals like Zebra, Giraffe, and Rhinoceros.

The Main Characters in the Game

  • Charlotte: She is a trustworthy zookeeper and is the main character of the game. She is a well-organized businesswoman and knows how to get the things done. But she has a beautiful heart as she wants all the animals to return to a secure place. She needs players like you to help her reconstruct the zoo.


  • Jack: He is the master of all the trades. He can create and fix just anything. He has opened his own company after his recent experience in restoring the yards. He is a good friend of Charlotte and is not afraid of any job.


  • Jerry: He is a romantic, old-fashioned, and a real gentleman and also the neighbor to Charlotte. Jerry considers her his very close friend and is ready to help any of his friends without a second thought.


  • Tiger’s Family: Tiger is the first animal you will be bringing to the zoo as the game progresses. Once a habitat is set for the tiger then the tiger will be brought up. The tiger will eventually become lonely and then Charlotte will come up with an idea to bring the tigress. The tiger and tigress will have baby tiger too as the game progresses.


As your zoo starts growing, it will attract more visitors and most importantly the animals will start their family too. There would be plenty of playful animal babies to play with. Moreover, more characters will keep on coming to your zoo like birds, monkeys, and much more.

Power-ups & Boosters

Its story is challenging Match-3 game and you might need a little help to solve the levels and get around the story. This is the reason why Family Zoo game offers you power-ups and boosters that can help you out in tackling the difficult level. You can play several puzzle games to earn rewards and tickets. While playing the puzzle games, match up 4 or more fruits to get power-ups and boosters.

Power Up


These rewards can be used to build the zoo and also on its renovation. To collect maximum coins during the gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Family Zoo is a wonderful game that will take you back to the zoo world where you will build your own zoo and generate business through it. Charlotte is the main character of the game who is the zookeeper as well and will help you build the zoo. During the gameplay, you meet old and new friends that will give your advice and will also have business dealings with you. Play the game tactfully and attract visitors to your zoo.

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