Is Forex Trading really a viable Method of Making Money?

make money forex trading

We live in strange times as a society, as while technological advancement empowers us, economic constraints leave us frustrated and unable to fulfil our goals. A quick look at property market growth confirms this, as house prices continue to rise at a disproportionate rate to earnings and the goal of home-ownership becomes increasingly fanciful. With this in mind, proactive citizens are increasingly keen to optimise their earning potential and disposable income levels, helping them to save and invest more in a challenging economic climate.

Is Forex Trading a suitable Money-making exercise?

The pursuit of passive income is one of the most popular options for such individuals, with the liquid and lucrative Forex market particularly appealing. This is reflected by average daily trading volumes in the region of $5.3 trillion, which in simple terms translates into an incredible $220 billion each hour. The question that remains is whether this is a viable money-making exercise for the mass market, especially when you consider the real-time nature of foreign exchange trades and the underlying volatility that underpins them?

In truth, you should approach this investment vehicle as you would any other money-making exercise. More specifically, you need to determine whether or not you have experience of such an exercise, or least practical knowledge of a similar entity. This establishes a foundation from which you can develop your trading portfolio, and one that informs a suitable approach to risk and determining the precise amount of money that you aim to commit to the market.

Without such consideration, it is impossible to know whether or not the Forex market is suited to your experience, philosophy and skill-set as an individual.

Risk, Reward and Market Advantages

The subject of risk is also a key consideration, as each financial market, product and derivative has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. In terms of the Forex market and currency trading, it is important to note that while investors can secure huge, margin-based returns they must also account for volatile and real-time price movements that can deliver considerable losses. You must determine whether or not such a market is compatible with your appetite for risk, while also establishing the level of capital that you afford to commit in the first place.

In summary, Forex trading can help to successfully supplement your income so long as have basic numeracy skills, a willingness to learn and a relatively healthy appetite for risk. It is also suitable for those you can use technology to capitalise on unique market advantages, with online brokerage firms such as ETX Capital offering instant and real-time access to the foreign exchange.

If these statements do not apply to you or you are forced to operate within a particularly stringent budget, you may be better served by considering money-making options that are low in costs and risk.

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