Get Free Images for Your Blog and Optimize it! ~ Part 12

Get Free Images for Blog Posts

Images are one of the thing which attract audience and develop interest among them to read more about the blog post. Even on many social sites Visual content are more likely to get clicked as compared to textual. So i will tell you How to get free images for your blog.

Currently we are on 12th part of Money Making Blog Series ! In last post i had shared Few ways on how pro-bloggers make money on autopilot!.

Get Free Images for Blog Posts

Do you know about Stock Images ?

Stock Images are those images which are available to everyone for immediate use. These images are cost effective, if you hire a photographer to take images it will be very costly to you as compared to it. If you click your own photos still it increases some load on you, so it is better to go for any website which provide free images.

If you go on Google, you will find lots of Stock Photography site which are offering paid and free images to us. Only difference you will see is in the resolution and quality of images.

Why Images are Bad for my Blog ?

Before I tell you How to get free images for your blog, i want to let you know that images can affect your blog to some extent. One common mistake among blogger is that they just pick up a photo which may be related to content and upload it without even optimizing it.

There are some templates which automatically re-sizes the images. However re-sizing before uploading will surely help you decrease your blog loading time and hence better ranking in Google. Even if you place any picture in your sidebar or widget don’t forget to re-size them.

You can do this by adding an simple tag :
<img src=”https://www.moneygossips.com/any-images/” width=”300″ height=”250″>

Optimizing your blog images will boost your site speed as well as user experience. I had mentioned one plugin called Smush.It which helps users to optimized their images at the time of uploading in this post. I like it most because it is worth using, also it didn’t affect images quality and resolutions.

Where to Get Free Images for Blog

There are so many popular stock photography websites, among which i mostly like FreeDigitalPhotos. Because they had made it so easy to navigate and search for desired images so easy and fast. Even if you are not a premium member of that site you can use their images. They provide both premium and free membership for their site to access various images for : Software’s, Apps, E-books, Covers and many more.

If you are using images for free you have to add credit to the owner of the photo where you had published that image. Now suppose you don’t want to give credit or want higher resolution images you have to buy images from there which is available to you for $3.

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