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How I get Sponsored Reviews and Paid Posts ?


Many of my readers want to know How I get sponsored reviews and paid posts for my blog. So here I am going to tell how you can also get and make some quick bucks easily. Most of the bloggers know it very well that Sponsored reviews and Paid posts is one of the best way to make money online from blogs.

Few months back I and many of my friends used to write mails and contact companies, startups if they want sponsored reviews or paid posts. When Blogmint arrived many of us stopped this, it is because sometimes bigger companies either don’t reply back also Blogmint has reduced the distance by making it easy for companies and bloggers to interact. But still I used to write mails and get sponsored reviews. Also I use BlogExpose to get some paid posts.

But Now a days I try to find sponsored reviews on other blogs in same niche which I blog, and create a list of all those companies which advertised on those blogs and simply mail them using my email : [email protected].
Here problem is how to find those blog post which have sponsored reviews of same niche? Don’t worry I have a tool which help me made my crappy task so easy that I even don’t have to visit each and every individual blog to find them. It’s NinjaOutreach.

What is NinjaOutreach actually ?

NinjaOutreach is a simple web tool which helps to find thousands of influencers instantly with a single click and can run outreach campaigns. What you have to do is type in the keyword you want to target and NinjaOutreach will present a list of thousands of bloggers, blogs and business leads within a couple of seconds. You can also list out top influencers and create a list for a Interview or Round up posts.

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How to get Sponsored reviews and Paid Posts using NinjaOutreach ?

NinjaOutreach is a very simple tool even a newbie can use it without any problem. Let’s learn how to use it and get sponsored review :

1) Step 1 : Sign Up NinjaOutreach and Log In with your email and password

2) Step 2 : Enter any keyword you are targeting in the search box, that keyword should be related to your blog niche or category in which you want sponsored reviews.

NinjaOutreach - How to find Sponsored Reviews and Paid Posts

3) Step 3 : Now click on Advanced Filter button and Select Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews, you can also filters blog using some metrics as shown in picture above.

4) Step 4 : Click on search button you will get a list of blog posts in category you have entered. Now select any company or blog and get contact details and reach them using mails or contact form.

5) Step 5 : If you don’t know how to write emails to reach companies, don’t worry this tool has solution for it. Go to Manage Templates and copy email format you want to use to reach your desired company.

I hope you got a clear idea how to use NinjaOutreach to reach startups, companies and bloggers to outreach.

What More things I can do with NinjaOutreach ?

  • You can get sponsored reviews and paid posts as I mentioned above
  • You can increase your blog community by networking
  • You can find potential blogs for guest posting
  • You can also use this tool to find blogs to get your product featured on their blogs

Now go use Ninjaoutreach and start making money online. Don’t forget to share if you like it.

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