GetResponse Vs ConstantContact: A Perfect Comparison Review

GetResponse Vs ConstantContact

If you are Internet Marketer, Blogger or Small Business Owner in internet, then I am sure you know the importance of building an email list to make money online. Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate new leads and more sales as it is the direct way of communication between you and your audience.

Not only communication but building email list is one of the best way to build long term relationship with your beloved regular readers. Sending regular mails is good until an unless it provide quality and help your audience, otherwise it will look like spamming and just after few second you will find you are losing your subscriber because you are spamming their mailbox. Also Email marketing is cost effective it doesn’t need any kind of huge investment to start it.

GetResponse Review Vs ConstantContact Review

Before you learn how to build email list you need to choose the best email marketing service provider, so that it will be easy for your to create and send emails to your subscribers without putting much efforts.

When you will search for email marketing software’s on Google there are plenty of email marketing service provider you will get but not everyone have all the things you need. So today I am going to compare GetResponse and ConstantContact.

GetResponse Vs ConstantContact

GetResponse Vs ConstantContact

We will go through both the email marketing software’s, so that you can determine which tools is good and where so that it will make it easy to choose among them. But there are some common qualities which both ConstantContact and GetResponse both posses, they both are good at :

  • Image Hosting & Gallery
  • Social Media Integration
  • Tracking Reports
  • Blogging Newsletter

Now I will be mentioning some other features which will help you decide which email marketing service provider will be best for you according to your use and requirements.

1) Mobile Responsiveness:

Now a day’s most of the internet users are using mobile phone devices more than PC or laptops. If you are looking to send email newsletters it would be foolishness to use unresponsive templates.

GetResponse are providing over 500 awesome looking responsive templates which easily helps in build better email newsletters. Newsletters are the main bullets to connect with your readers, now if your email template is not supporting you than you must look after the matter. However, Constant contact also provides good templates but GetResponse is much better on this case.

GetResponse Review Vs ConstantContact Review

2) Building Relation:

To build good relation with readers you should keep ask them questions, try to know more about what they want from you or your business. It really helps in growing the business and meeting the client’s satisfaction.

Auto responder is one of the best way to connect with your readers, using which you can send automated mails as soon as they are subscribed. Here, GetResponseis much better because it allows you to send unlimited newsletters and unlimited replies for free and premium users. Whereas constant contact allows only 100 replies after which you have to upgrade to premium.

3) Contacts Storage:

Every user want to have very sleek and efficient contact storage feature and if you are looking for the same then look no further then ConstantContact as it is better as compared to GetResponse and also it is very to use on mobile devices too.

4) Ease Of Use :

Both of them are very easy to use but ConstantContact is very tough to use when it comes to navigation, while GetResponse is very easy to use as well as it is user friendly.

6) Free Trial :

Both Platforms provides free trial but GetResponse is the first choice always here because GetResponse allows users to use all premium features for 30 days without any limited features such as sending newsletters or number of replied mails etc.

Whereas Constant contact has limitation of 100 replies after which it may stop your free trial instantly.

7) Pricing Plans:

Have a look over the pricing plans of both the email marketing service provider:-

GetResponse Starts from – $15-450$/month for 1000-100000 subscribers

GetResponse Review Vs ConstantContact Review

ConstantContact starts from  – $20-85$/month for 500-10000 subscribers:

GetResponse Review Vs ConstantContact Review

You can save lots of money by choosing GetResponse over constant contacts. If compared GetResponse charges only 65$ per month for 10000 subscribers whereas, Constant contact charges 85$ for same with less feature.

8) Deliverability Rate :

It is one of the most important part most of the users forget to look while choosing email marketing software’s, In simple words Deliverability rate is the success rate of getting your sent emails delivered to Subscribers email address. Have a look at deliverability rate of both :

GetResponse has 99% while ConstantContact have 97% deliverability rate.

GetResponse Review Vs ConstantContact Review

9) Other Features :

When Comparing other features like Importing contacts directly, landing page creator, having user engaging website and attractive interface, GetResponse is far more better as compared to ConstantContact.

GetResponse is the ultimate tool which you should go if you want better features, better and professional looking email templates, want to save some extra money every month, and want good support from the support team.

Best thing about the GetResponse is that they not only support you by supporting good support team via live chat but also allow you to join free hangouts where you will be taught how to grow your business.


I hope you understood about pros and cons of both GetResponse and ConstantContact, But if you are still confused I would recommend you to go with GetResponse as it provide so many features like easy newsletter builder with drag and drop interface. Not only that you can also create attractive landing pages without investing a penny on it as you don’t have to Buy any LeadPages or Landing Page. Pricing is also suitable as compared to ConstantContact!

Share your views about the review of both the email marketing platform.

Best regards.

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