Goldco Affiliate Program Details: Things You Should Know

Goldco Affiliate Program

When it comes to earning money online through marketing, the affiliate program is the new thing. You don’t have to own properties or sell your goods to get paid. You can use your marketing skills in the comfort of your home and earn lots of money.

Some people use these platforms for part-time jobs to supplement their daily income. Others rely solely on them to make a living. Programs that deal with assets of high value such as precious metals are very lucrative and can make you rich within a short time.

Goldco Affiliate program is one such platform that deals with investment assets like gold. You can visit site for more information. With that said, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

What is Goldco and how does it work?

Goldco is a Los Angeles-based company that provides investment solutions on assets such as precious metals. This includes gold and silver which are two of the most valuable metals in terms of their monetary value.

They are, therefore, great assets for investment purposes. Due to the fluctuating nature of paper money, most people are resorting to such investments to protect their fortune.

It is a good practice considering that the value of such holdings is always appreciating irrespective of the fluctuations experienced by paper money. In the unfortunate event that the existing monetary system completely collapses, precious metals will still retain their value and can replace the currencies.

The Goldco Affiliate program is a platform where one can join to help potential investors protect their wealth by buying the assets or converting their IRAs to bullion. As an affiliate, your work is to attract customers and point them in the right direction.

Once the deal is done you get paid a commission based on the standard set percentage. Thus all the parties involved benefit. You get to earn your income, the investor gets to protect their riches, and the company also makes their profit.

Once you get accepted into the program you will be provided with various relevant resources to help you in with the promotion. This includes links, ads, templates, banners, and much more.

There are also training materials available to help you be on top of your game. See this link to understand how Goldco affiliate program work

How does one join Goldco Affiliate Program?

The joining process is free and easy. All you have to do is visit their official website and sign-up then wait for the response.

This includes filling in basic details like who you are, your skills, experience, and so on. However, the applications undergo thorough scrutiny and only a few get accepted.

Therefore, you should prepare well to increase your chances of being accepted. Here are some ideas to help you do so.

  • Have a relevant platform

You have to show that you have a base platform where you will be doing your promotions and can attract lots of traffic.

A website is one such platform that they look for. Thus having a professional website that is created well and has plenty of relevant content is a plus. The ideal content in this case is information about investments in precious metals with details on gold IRA.

Your website should be able to convince them that you are capable of reaching the masses and attracting investors.

  • Have the relevant experience

Although there are plenty of training materials to help you once you get accepted, it is important that you have the relevant experience that will get you up and running.

As it is with most premium affiliate programs, prior online marketing or affiliate experience is required.

This is usually a measure taken to ensure that only competent people capable of working under little supervision and produce large throughput are employed.

  • Provide adequate information

To be able to convince them that you are the right person for the job your website should contain enough information about who you are. This should be displayed in a clear manner without hiding any details. The more transparent you are the better your chances will be.

  • Have a disclosure

Your website should clearly indicate that you earn commissions based on the sales made when you refer customers. You should have a basic disclosure and then update it to conform to the requirements of Goldco after you get accepted.

Goldco Affiliate Program Pay

How do Goldco Affiliate Program pay?

This is one of the most rewarding affiliate platforms available. With the standard commission of 6% per sale made and $100 per qualified lead, your efforts will be amply rewarded.

A qualified lead means that the potential investor shows interest in investing with the company by reaching out to them. In addition, you get a %1 commission when you refer an affiliate and they make a sale.

This is referred to as the 2nd tier commission. The payments are made through PayPal. With Goldco all your efforts are fully rewarded.

Is there any help available?

As mentioned earlier, there is plenty of training materials to help you do your job in an effective manner. Apart from the reading materials, there is a mentorship program led by some of the most successful people in the program.

Here you will be taught important techniques such as SEO, marketing skills, and how to best use the resources available to you. There is also a Facebook community group that you can join to get further assistance.

You can ask questions that you have on the forum and they will get answered by the experts. Click here to see some of the benefits you can enjoy as an affiliate marketer.

Goldco Affiliate Marketing Program


The Goldco Affiliate program allows you to promote their investment assets and in return, you get paid a 6% commission for every sale made $100 for every qualified lead, and a %1 commission when an affiliate you refer makes a sale. This can amount to a lot of money in a very short time. All you have to do is attract potential investors and point them in the right direction. If you manage to convince them to invest the better it is for you. The platform provides a good opportunity to earn a living, especially, now with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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