Best 5 Good Conversion Landing Pages We Observed in This Month March – 2015

Best Conversion Landing Page

The landing page is the most important page of any website. It is the first page which the visitor finds. The visitors “land” first in this page and accordingly it is called the landing page. This being the face of the website has to be designed interestingly. It helps growing the interest of the visitor and engages him with the website. The more interesting the visitor will find this page, more will he spend time o the website for his further query. The creativity of the front page where the visitor lands on has to be unique to make the visitor a regular one. Chances of subscribing from the visitor depend on how interesting the visitor finds the landing page in the first place. Gradually the visitor becomes loyal to the particular website and becomes subscribers or customers to that website.

Best Conversion Landing Page

A website can have more than one landing pages. It depends on the number of marketing campaign the website is running at a time. Based on each marketing campaign the website can create its landing pages. The visitor who is looking for a particular marketing campaign will land into the respective landing page created for it. Most of the websites have its landing pages in the form of its home page. The home page usually is the page which opens first to its visitors. So the objective should always be to make the home page interesting and eventful to attract the visitor to spend longer time in it. Unless the visitor will lose interest in the website and will make an exit from the home page only.

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5 Websites That Have Superlative Landing Page

Let us discuss 5 websites who categorize in superlative landing pages.Below mentioned are 5 such websites with interesting landing pages:

Sometimes it’s easier to show things than to explain them, so below you’ll find 5 examples of websites that have a great landing page structure on their homepage.


Best 5 Good conversion landing pages we observed in This month March - 2015

The most important thing is to keep the visitors engaged in the landing till they are fully satisfied. Flipkart has applied this whole idea of customer engagement and designed it home page accordingly. Depending o your search history on the website Flipkart offers you products that it finds suitable for you. It gives continuous recommendations on the home page for the particular product the visitor is searching for. The other options which they provide based on the visitor’s previous Log in make the visitor feel identified with the portal. Thus, loyalty of regular customers is maintained. The colourful display of the home page with the different product details attracts the visitors to surf the website more. The portal shows all the current discounts they are offering on current available items. Users can also register for periodic discounts on shopping.


Best 5 Good conversion landing pages we observed in This month March - 2015 has a uniquely featured home page with a Log in option at the very first sight. The visitor is asked to use the trial version free for the first 30 days with the Log in. Each customer could thus be converted into the regular one by signing them with an individual account. The first sign up has to be made using the visitor’s email address and name details. Repeated notification of the account is been emailed to that particular email address to keep the visitor in the loop every time he logs into his account. Readers remain updated with the information of the upcoming books and the ones which are awaited for recent releases. They can register to get themselves notified about the upcoming book of their favorite writer or a book which they are looking for but is currently not in stock.


5 Good conversion landing pages we observed in This month March - 2015

The British website has been selling new and used cars. The amazingly designed website has different Log in for people looking for new or used cars. It is superbly created to find the right car with the desired features and within budget for each visitor. The home page gives complete information about the process and procedure. The features are user-friendly and once logged in the visitor can make his own choice of cars by seizing through the different available categories. All the details related to any used car posted by a seller are mentioned categorically in the description leaving no minor details. Same is with the new cars which describe all the features. The landing page also has links for the financing of the used and new cars for the visitors if they require going for any. The finance companies they are already impaneled with are featured on the landing page for the visitors to make full inquiry about the finances at a time.


Coupon Machine

This Indian website has gained much popularity among its users in the recent times. With its distinctive features and popular coupons available for the visitor, this website is trending much on internet. The website has discount coupons and other scheme coupons from multiple spheres. Visitors can find the coupon of their own preference from any field. Created beautifully the landing page is so very informative and creative to keep the visitor engaged with it. Visitor who may have visited the page just for one query will be compelled to spend some more time exploring the different coupons from other genres. Thus, the visitor will turn to be a regular customer of the website to remain updated with the upcoming offers and discounts. One more important thing I observed from this website store pages. Lets go to one of their store page and check how nicely they have planned their landing page. Beautified content surrounding with subscribe box and with a subscribe popup. I can surely say, 80% chances of getting conversion if any real customer lands on their store page.


Crazy Egg

This website has quirky feature of its own. The URL of the website is specific and serves to find the required need of the visitor. Several services are allotted in the landing page with descriptive features. Visitors can solution of their each need from the landing page itself. The landing page which is the home page of this website has all information related to the specific services it is offering. All the information is verified and apt.

The landing page is so designed to solve the queries of the visitor in minimum time and not be confused to choose any particular service.

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