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Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Monetizing Any Blog ~ Infolinks!

Best Google Adsense Alternative Infolinks

Infolinks is the name which you have heard many times, if not then I am sure you are new to blogging and making money online. I have been using Infolinks from more than a year and here I will be sharing How I used to monetize my blog when I got banned from Google Adsense. Many bloggers, webmaster often get discouraged and feel bad Once their Google adsense account get banned. Now a days Google is very strict with it policy and hence getting an Google Adsense account is very hard, So you would be thinking How can I make money Blogging? Try Infolinks!

Best Google Adsense Alternative Infolinks

There are many Google Adsense Alternative out there out of which no one is good as it except Infolinks. Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternative. In this post I am not going to mention all Google Adsense alternatives but I will be telling you about one of the best Google Adsense alternative i.e Infolinks ~ In-Text Advertisement Program.

Google Adsense Alternatives ~ Infolinks

Infolinks is an advertising platform which is been used by many probloggers and webmaster for monetizing their blogs. One can also use Infolinks on their event blogs for making huge money in less time very quickly by integrating it with your blogs. Why infolinks is been preferred over Google Adsense is because it allow flexibility to choose what kind of ads to display on blog for generating income out of blog.

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It is not only providing benefits to publishers but also it had proved beneficial for advertisers as it helps them to reach more targeted audience within remaining in budget.

Infolinks Various Ad Units for Publishers!

You can use various ad units in Infolinks to add in your blog. Lets read more about this various ad units provided by Infolinks which are :

1. InText ad Unit :-

Infolinks InText

It is the 1st ad unit with which Infolinks has started and now it has been very common among bloggers who are blogging from years. What it do is, it converts keywords into hyperlink text and whenever your audience mouse head over to this linked keyword, an ad open ups. In setting page you can change the color of hyperlink text so that you can adjust it according to your blog design and color and get more CTR.

2. Infold ad Unit :-

infolinks inFold adsense aleternatives

This ad comes infront of audience of your blog according to their search terms i.e the keyword they used to land on your blog. And Hence this ads are highly targeted and hence it get more CTR. One more thing I like in this kind of ad unit is that this ad unit slide up from bottom of the page with targeted ad and after few seconds it goes down and shows a simple headline only.

3. InTag ad Unit :-

infolinks InTag ad unit! Adsense Alternative

This ad unit work very well if you have engaged audience as it scans your whole webpage and display more valuable keywords which are relevant to your blog post or page and shows in a tag cloud as shown in image. In setting you can change the color of InTag ad unit as well as you are allowed to place this intag ad unit anywhere on your blog post from top to bottom. It also allow two line as well as one line tag cloud in which it will show various targeted relevant hyperlink keywords.

4. InFrame ad Unit :-

Infolinks InFrame ads

Inframe ad units are very useful due to which I love infolinks very much is because it auto detect whether the browser window is wider then your webpage or not, It it is wide then it will show banner ads relevant to your content at that blank space.

5. InScreen ad Unit :-

InScreen ad units are very newly introduce to Infolinks this ad types are considered the best as this are visually appealing and perform well. What it do is, whenever your audience click any link, he will be taken to full page ad which appear before the actual webpage comes up.

Join Infolinks Affiliate Program

Infolinks has been running its affiliate program but has not promoted it actually due to which many bloggers don’t know there affiliate program. Intitially when Google Adsense has been launched it also used to have affiliate program to increase earnings but later on they have terminated it but Infolinks didn’t.

Infolinks Affiliate program

With Infolinks Affiliate program you can make money sitting as it will provide you 10% of the earnings of publisher you refer. Log In to your Infolinks dashboard and start earning money from their affiliate program.

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If you are still not getting Google Adsense approval or facing problem with it try Infolinks. Let me know about your experience with Infolinks in Comments below.

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