Google Daydream Compatible Phones

Google Day Dream Compatible Phones

When we talk about Google daydream compatible phones, what comes to our mind is the idea of being smart, powerful and also made to explore smartphones, the ready-made phones are built with V-R high resolutions displays, have ultra-smooth graphics and they definitely have high fidelity sensors for precise head tracking, they are very powerful phones as they are powered by the new Android 7.0 Nougat.

As it has been seen the google daydream compatible phones are the game changers in the industry as per now, the phone has a virtual reality which is termed to be very costly to many people, but google has made it easier for many entrepreneurs to be able to access this high tech which is of great aspects when it comes to refection of complexity and innovation. Google has made the fantasy of many to reality it has created a new platform with a ‘Virtual Reality’ focus which is known as the Google Daydream, the platform has been created in such that it brings the virtual reality in the mainstream.

The Google Daydream phones have really skyrocket the entrepreneurial industry as it has enable many to have the access to the possibility of being an app developer, the new platform for the daydream compatible phones is very easy for everyone to use, as it creates that prospective and that loving customer’s feedback as they engage with the advertisements and the applications which are VR related elements.

Google DayDream VR Compatible Phones

For one to successfully publish their own VR apps they need to become a part of the Day Dream Access program, as member one gets to have a lot of favors and privilege that allows you to even publish or release your apps before the official launch date. The benefits are endless as by signing up for this programs you are able to be ahead of the others because you are able to get the coolest VR apps out to the targeted marker before the rest of the prospectus do, this will eventually create a positive impact on your reputation and will also enable you to build a strong brand name for you which will be recognizable to many.

The Daydream applications for mobile devices is all about interaction with Virtual Reality apps that provides ultimate and immersive app designs for your business. Google has provided its clients with the best array of tools for developers via Google Daydream, this tools vary from documentations for APIs samples for developers and guidelines to designing other applications it also has relevant information that assists the developers with necessary knowledge.

The Phones with the VR applications are as follows:

The first official Daydream VR- ready phone that was introduced in the market was the ZTE Axon 7, the phone has a pretty compelling package which includes support for Googles VR platforms, the next phone with VR is Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe which is also a certified Daydream compatible phone the phone has a Full HD super AMOLED display. There are also possible daydream phones that are yet to be released in the market. For instance, the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will be a ready-made certified day-dream phone the same is for Huawei Mate 9 and Mate S2, this advancement brought to us by google is a clear indication that Daydream VR compatible Phones is the next Big Thing.

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