How to Make Your Blog Popular in 60 days

How to make popular blog in 60 days

Many of you would like to know how others work for them to grow their blog quickly ! If it worked for them why not for you. One question i had seen mostly which newbie still facing is “How to make Popular Blog in a short span“.

As per my concern i have only two points to answer whens someone ask me How to build popular blogs :-

  • Work smarter and harder
  • Create a schedule for your blog and after that start following it

How to make popular blog in 60 days

Every blogger in blogosphere want to make his/her blog popular but don’t want to work harder. I hope you would have seen many popular bloggers who know very less about other blogs while there are many little known bloggers who own a popular blog because they have a great blogging community, they are :-

  1. Adrienne Smith
  2. Harleena Singh
  3. Brian Belfitt
  4. Carol Amato
  5. Mi Muba 
  6. Kevin Duncan
  7. Erik Emanullei
  8. Sylviane Nuccio
  9. Many more

To be able to build popular blog, one need to do hard work like them, but i would like to share some key points which will help you create one in 60 days. So let’s start

How to Build Popular Blog in 60 Days

1. Write Top Quality Content :-

It is one of the 1st step you must do from the 1st day of your blog i.e publishing quality content constantly. This will turn your 1st time visitor to your daily reader. If you will publish more quality content on regular basis people will share it more and your blog will start growing.

Don’t only focus on creating 500+ words article for SEO, write in-depth article for readers not for search engine because robots are not going to read your blog only genuine users will read if you are helping others with your content more likely they will share it.

2. Make your blog more Attractive :-

More attractive your blog the more people will like to spend more time on it because everybody want to be move around on good atmosphere i.e blog. You can make your blog attractive by giving more attention to this :

  • Choose a Theme, font, graphic, color which suits your blog niche.
  • Decrease your blog loading time.
  • Add Visual content on your blog for impressing your audience.
  • Use CommentLuv Premium to increase engagement on your blog.
  • Don’t add so many pop up it distract readers

3. Be Active and Helpful on Social Media :-

Social media plays an important role in making your blog popular in its initial days even 60 days would be less to create an huge fan following and community without Social Media.

You might have seen Iftekhar Ahemed from IftiSEO and Gaurav Jaggi from BlogWithJags who are active and helpful on social media and running campaign as well as Webinars to help others this surely help in creating huge fan following, if you don’t believe you can check there profiles.

4. Join Various Blogging Communities :-

This are the sites from which you get free traffic this may drive crazy traffic to your blog if it get ranked at their front page. Blogging Communities are the best to meet others bloggers of same niche and thinking. I prefer some of the blogging communities they are :

5. Commenting on Other Similar blogs :-

From the word similar i mean to say same niche blogs. Blog commenting is one of the powerful tool which can help you make your blog popular if used perfectly. One can drop a genuine comments only after reading the whole blog post thoroughly and sharing your own view via comments.

You can also build relationship with others bloggers by replying to other comments this not only help build blogging relationship with one but with others as well.

I had also seen some comments of  few words around single line this will not help your or led you somewhere, you have to be yourself not selfish who just try to grab a backlink.

6. Guest Blogging :-

Many of new blogger think guest blogging just help in building backlinks but let me tell you that you can use guest blogging as a way to interact with audience of other blogs. In my concern guest blogging is one of the most most powerful way of -driving traffic, building links, developing authority and networking.

I had made 3 guest post in 1st month of blogging here are:-

  1. 4 Common Mistakes to avoid when starting new blog
  2. Guide On How to write blog posts that matters
  3. How to build profitable relationship while blogging

To get your guest post approved you must read guidelines if provided by the authors if not you can ask for it before writing guest post. The best way to get your guest post approved is to understand the writing style of the blog author and adapting it when posting on his/her blog.

7. Attending Live Events and Webinars :-

Attending live events and webinars not only help you to learn something new but if used properly you can use it as a way to connect with others bloggers. Steps which i used to follow for making bonds with other bloggers is by attending their webinars and then asking queries related to it. This way the webinar organizer get to know about us that we are watching it which make the organizer feels goods and he get motivated. In return whenever next live event or webinar is organized by him, at 1st he will invite you.

Here are recording of some webinars Organized my Gaurav Jaggi :

  • Beginning the SEO Journey with Anurag Balgam
  • Blogging Webinar with Champ of Blogging – Imran Uddin
  • Flipping your site for Greater Profit via Xpac Media Founder
  • Relationship Blogging with Ankit Singhla
  • SEO Webinar with Iftekhar Ahmed PART 1
  • SEO Webinar with Iftekhar Ahmed PART 2

8. Building Email list :-

It is one of the crucial part of blogging which one must start doing from the 1st day after your blog has been started. In previous post i had explained How to start building your email list and why it is necessary in modern generation. And always remember “Money is in the list”.

9. Organizing Hot Giveaways and Cash Contests :-

Giveaways and Cash Contest really really! attracts thousands of people to gather on your blog and you can take benefit of it. Audience want to win giveaways and cash so they are ready to focus on your blog to win it.

Now a days there are many online tools you can use to organize giveaways and commenting cash contest some of them are :

So this are some of the points which will surely going to help you make your blog popular in 60 days. Follow this steps and surely you will get an Alexa rank under 70k in next 60 days as well as you will see your daily visitors will keep on growing.

You can read more about How to Start a blog that makes money! As newbie blogger. If you have any query related to it you can ask or share your views via comments.

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