How to Make Your Blog Popular in 60 days

How to make popular blog in 60 days

Many of you would like to know how others work for them to grow their blog quickly ! If it worked for them why not for you. One question i had seen mostly which newbie still facing is “How to make Popular Blog in a short span“.

As per my concern i have only two points to answer whens someone ask me How to build popular blogs :-

  • Work smarter and harder
  • Create a schedule for your blog and after that start following it

How to make popular blog in 60 days

Every blogger in blogosphere want to make his/her blog popular but don’t want to work harder. I hope you would have seen many popular bloggers who know very less about other blogs while there are many little known bloggers who own a popular blog because they have a great blogging community, they are :-

  1. Adrienne Smith
  2. Harleena Singh
  3. Brian Belfitt
  4. Carol Amato
  5. Mi Muba 
  6. Kevin Duncan
  7. Erik Emanullei
  8. Sylviane Nuccio
  9. Many more

To be able to build popular blog, one need to do hard work like them, but i would like to share some key points which will help you create one in 60 days. So let’s start

How to Build Popular Blog in 60 Days

1. Write Top Quality Content :-

It is one of the 1st step you must do from the 1st day of your blog i.e publishing quality content constantly. This will turn your 1st time visitor to your daily reader. If you will publish more quality content on regular basis people will share it more and your blog will start growing.

Don’t only focus on creating 500+ words article for SEO, write in-depth article for readers not for search engine because robots are not going to read your blog only genuine users will read if you are helping others with your content more likely they will share it.

2. Make your blog more Attractive :-

More attractive your blog the more people will like to spend more time on it because everybody want to be move around on good atmosphere i.e blog. You can make your blog attractive by giving more attention to this :

  • Choose a Theme, font, graphic, color which suits your blog niche.
  • Decrease your blog loading time.
  • Add Visual content on your blog for impressing your audience.
  • Use CommentLuv Premium to increase engagement on your blog.
  • Don’t add so many pop up it distract readers

3. Be Active and Helpful on Social Media :-

Social media plays an important role in making your blog popular in its initial days even 60 days would be less to create an huge fan following and community without Social Media.

You might have seen Iftekhar Ahemed from IftiSEO and Gaurav Jaggi from BlogWithJags who are active and helpful on social media and running campaign as well as Webinars to help others this surely help in creating huge fan following, if you don’t believe you can check there profiles.

4. Join Various Blogging Communities :-

This are the sites from which you get free traffic this may drive crazy traffic to your blog if it get ranked at their front page. Blogging Communities are the best to meet others bloggers of same niche and thinking. I prefer some of the blogging communities they are :

5. Commenting on Other Similar blogs :-

From the word similar i mean to say same niche blogs. Blog commenting is one of the powerful tool which can help you make your blog popular if used perfectly. One can drop a genuine comments only after reading the whole blog post thoroughly and sharing your own view via comments.

You can also build relationship with others bloggers by replying to other comments this not only help build blogging relationship with one but with others as well.

I had also seen some comments of  few words around single line this will not help your or led you somewhere, you have to be yourself not selfish who just try to grab a backlink.

6. Guest Blogging :-

Many of new blogger think guest blogging just help in building backlinks but let me tell you that you can use guest blogging as a way to interact with audience of other blogs. In my concern guest blogging is one of the most most powerful way of -driving traffic, building links, developing authority and networking.

I had made 3 guest post in 1st month of blogging here are:-

  1. 4 Common Mistakes to avoid when starting new blog
  2. Guide On How to write blog posts that matters
  3. How to build profitable relationship while blogging

To get your guest post approved you must read guidelines if provided by the authors if not you can ask for it before writing guest post. The best way to get your guest post approved is to understand the writing style of the blog author and adapting it when posting on his/her blog.

7. Attending Live Events and Webinars :-

Attending live events and webinars not only help you to learn something new but if used properly you can use it as a way to connect with others bloggers. Steps which i used to follow for making bonds with other bloggers is by attending their webinars and then asking queries related to it. This way the webinar organizer get to know about us that we are watching it which make the organizer feels goods and he get motivated. In return whenever next live event or webinar is organized by him, at 1st he will invite you.

Here are recording of some webinars Organized my Gaurav Jaggi :

  • Beginning the SEO Journey with Anurag Balgam
  • Blogging Webinar with Champ of Blogging – Imran Uddin
  • Flipping your site for Greater Profit via Xpac Media Founder
  • Relationship Blogging with Ankit Singhla
  • SEO Webinar with Iftekhar Ahmed PART 1
  • SEO Webinar with Iftekhar Ahmed PART 2

8. Building Email list :-

It is one of the crucial part of blogging which one must start doing from the 1st day after your blog has been started. In previous post i had explained How to start building your email list and why it is necessary in modern generation. And always remember “Money is in the list”.

9. Organizing Hot Giveaways and Cash Contests :-

Giveaways and Cash Contest really really! attracts thousands of people to gather on your blog and you can take benefit of it. Audience want to win giveaways and cash so they are ready to focus on your blog to win it.

Now a days there are many online tools you can use to organize giveaways and commenting cash contest some of them are :

So this are some of the points which will surely going to help you make your blog popular in 60 days. Follow this steps and surely you will get an Alexa rank under 70k in next 60 days as well as you will see your daily visitors will keep on growing.

You can read more about How to Start a blog that makes money! As newbie blogger. If you have any query related to it you can ask or share your views via comments.

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  1. Hi Suprabhat,
    I think the key here is building connections.
    Since when I’ve started blogging, I’ve been told to grow my circles and cultivate relationships within blogosphere.

    From my experience, that was possible by being kind and helpful with people, without asking something in return.
    I believe in good karma, as sooner or later, the people you helped will return the favor, in terms of social signals, appreciation in a blog post, a purchase from your affiliate link, etc.

    And the another principle is consistency and perseverance.
    I’ve seen many buddies leaving blogging during these years, not because they were not good enough, but I am sure 90% of them left because of low monetary compensation, in return of their efforts online.

    Only few are lucky enough to create a steady income online.
    What can be good for me, it could not for another.

    I don’t think there is a perfect recipe.
    It depends from each of us.

    Neither I think there is a quick way to become popular.
    Only a constant hard work will give awesome results.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog and Klinkk, Suprabhat.
    Much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…How to Improve Your Online Revenue Without Increasing Your TrafficMy Profile

    1. Hey Erik

      Right said Building relationship is really important now a days in big competition, walking alone is like running in a crowd. Similar like you i am also building relationship with other and spreading my community.

      As you said i got the favor from others as i had helped them in sharing their article they started sharing mine as well. Making money from blog is an art one had to adapt the change with evolution of new tricks.

      To get popular one need dedication, hard work and new creative ideas to engage everyone with content.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to make Backlinks & Dominate Search EngineMy Profile

  2. Hi Suprabhat!

    Thanks for sharing your valued experience of growing up blog in 60 days only. Let me confirm you, I am big fan of Gaurav bhai, (Salute to his efforts for newbie bloggers).

    Bro, Can you explain bit more about giveaways and contests to attract more readers in your next post? I am talking about point 9.

    Rest all points are about clear to me, for my new blog, I am trying to follow quality content than quantity content 😛 Will share results soon 🙂
    Salma Noreen recently posted…Medicine to remove lack of confidence for newbie bloggersMy Profile

    1. Hey Salma,

      Good to see you here referred by Gaurav Jaggi, he is really a great personality and working hard in taking Indian blogging community far ahead from where it is standing now.

      Surely I will explain about organizing Giveaways and Contest in future post after i complete my Money Making Blog Series.
      Good to hear that you are giving more priority to quality then quantity.

      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to make Backlinks & Dominate Search EngineMy Profile

  3. Hi Suprabhat,

    You have created a helpful post for the bloggers 🙂

    I do agree with all your points and I believe smart work (for SEO) & the relationship with fellow bloggers are more important to make a blog popular in short time. I’ve read the comment by Erik sir, he was exact. There is no shortcut to become popular, but passion with consistency would help in this matter.

    Gaurav is really a smart guy and doing great with webniars. I denied his request for the same as I still need to learn lot of stuffs.

    Keep your good work 🙂
    Nirmala recently posted…Grab Your Share at Stores With Student DiscountsMy Profile

    1. Hey Nirmala Mam,

      Good to see you here back on MoneyGossips,
      One had to be smart when building backlinks, as google is getting more strict day by day so we had to get smarter than Google.
      Ya there is no shortcut of getting popular but one can get via Hard work and dedication.

      Ohh Good to hear that you might have become a part of it but you denied as you are still learning.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Write Your First Blog Post ~ Part 10My Profile

  4. Hello Suprabhat, as I said I was dying to read this article and I’m glad I did read it.

    Well all the points you shared are 100% true and awesome.

    I do swear by the first 3 points, when I started blogging, I went for glamour over a good fast loading website but Thank God, I had basic Web Designing knowledge and was able to strip my theme from all the glamour and keep only whats important.

    From day 1, I had made a resolution to write top quality articles that would attract users from any country and day by day, I’m getting better at it. Jon Morrow’s blog has played a great role and me improving my article writing skills.

    Incase of Blogging Communities, I’d suggest you mention in Kingged.com as its the best website to share content, get high quality traffic, meet with new like-minded bloggers and so on.

    Expect similar article from you again, keep up. Waiting for more!

  5. Hi Suprabhat

    First of all a big congratulation on writing such an engaging post.

    Ours is a blogging era of relation-building. Now all types of blogging knowledge is easily available. Competition has crossed its saturation point. Now the winners are those who are strongly connected with each other within their niche.

    It is not happening in blogging industry only. It is common in every industry where competition has grown to its maximum level. Just take the showbiz, sports, oil, stock investing, bonds or entertainment industry. Only those are working successfully who have strong networking in the industry.

    Now a few words about your wonderful post. In every paragraph you wrote as if you are talking to all your friends. That is why there is no impression of any sermonizing, advising or mentoring in any sentence. As a result you must be observing how good response you are getting.

    If we watch realistically what is new in this post. I think every info of it is already available but the one thing is most prominent and quite unique in your post. This is called YOU FACTOR. Everywhere in the post you are prominent and your voice is being heard easily.

    Well done and keep writing with the same passion, involvement and high spirit.

    Also thanks a lot for kind mention.
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to bring real buyers to your blog for earning money online?My Profile

  6. Hi Suprabhat,

    A great write up for newbie bloggers.

    The main motive of newbie bloggers is, earn money within a night and have to become millionaire. This is not possible for every bloggers and for a common man in this world. Without hardwork, we can’t get anything.

    Am blogging for more than six years. At starting, almost for one year i didn’t earn single penny from my blogging. After a year i got cheque from google. Blogging is not an easy task to earn money within a month.

    We have to plan to attain anything before doing something. Have to agree with all the points you mentioned here. As said by Erik, only constant hardwork will give awesome results.

    Building relationship is the first thing, we have to do as a blogger. It can be easily done by social networks, blogging communities, commenting on other blogs, share other’s blog post etc…

    Anyway thanks for sharing this man. It’s a must read post for newbie bloggers.

    Keep up doing.
    Raaja Anandhan recently posted…Worth Reading Books for Engineering GraduatesMy Profile

  7. Hi Suprabhat,

    Let me thank you firstly for the kind mention along with other wonderful blogging friends 🙂

    You know how much I believe in building relationship with fellow bloggers – nothing works better and nothing lasts as long as those too. Some of my blogging friends are now very good friends, and they are the ones who have helped my blog reach where it is today. I do believe in little SEO – social media, and all of that, but you can do wonders with your blog when and if you build a blog community through comments, interaction, sharing, and caring about each other.

    You are right in all the ways you mentioned, and they do help develop your blog rather fast. The best is to help others, give them what they come looking for and be there for them. So, writing helpful content is the key. Yes, giveaways and contests are great ways too, and of course, joining blogging communities and having a strong social media presence helps. Not to mention ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community) – that too is helping a lot of bloggers, if you’ve noticed, to connect with each other and grow their blogs. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit Stand Workstation – ReviewMy Profile

  8. Hi Suprabhat,
    You described each and every point very clearly.
    To make our blog popular we need a lot of targeted traffic. I think Guest Blogging is the best way to get targeted traffic.
    You had made 3 guest post in 1st month that’s why your alexa is improving every day.
    Thanks bro for sharing this awesome post.
    Rahul Patel recently posted…Top 10 Google adsense alternativesMy Profile

    1. Hey Rahul,

      Popularity of any blog can only be judged by amount of traffic and how engaging the visitors are. Targeted traffic is essential to make money and for that guest post is the best way because we can analyse our targeted traffic before only.
      Alexa doesn’t depend on backlink it depends on unqiue page views and daily visitors.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…Get Free Images for Your Blog and Optimize it! ~ Part 12My Profile

  9. Hi Suprabhat, first I must say congrats on winning the blog engage dtfp contest man! This is exciting, your blog is rocking, content is amazing, the timing is perfect! Thanks so much for mentioned the blog engage community here in your post. Being a smaller community we often get forgotten, it’s nice when we aren’t. For this I say thanks, it’s been nice knowing you and being your friend,
    Brian (@bbrian017) recently posted…Another Winner, Another Month DTFP GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Hey Brian,

      Really i am very excited know as it is like my dream come true i never imagined getting my blog ads appearing on the best ever blogging community. And you had started this amazing campaign.
      I am majorly focusing on helping my readers in making money online and only publishing that which i had experienced before.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to build Email List and Why it is essential ?My Profile

  10. Hi Suprabhat,

    That’s a useful list – thanks.

    The area that I focus on most is commenting on similar blogs, and for that my preferred strategy is using CommentLuv. I’m in some of the communities you mention but somehow I’ve never taken to them as much as to CommentLuv. I tend to be very short of time as my blog isn’t a full-time business for me (yet!), so I guess I need to invest more time in the other communities as they clearly work for other people.

    Have a great weekend. Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted…Retargeting Advertising – Breaking News StoryMy Profile

  11. Hi, Suprabhat,

    First of all, thank you so very much for mentioning me and my site in your excellent article, that was very kind of you, and I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Sorry for the late reply as I’m in Texas helping my daughter after she had a baby.

    I really like the title that you gave this blog post, and I especially like the fact that you said “work smarter and harder.” I agree with that wholeheartedly.

    You are so right. There’re so many people that want to have a popular blog but don’t want to put in the time and effort to make that happen. A lot of people under estimate the amount of work that is involved.

    You are spot on. Quality content, Visual appeal, active social media, being part of blogging communities, Guest blogging and engaging with other blog owners on their sites is imperative to our success.

    I do attend webinar trainings as I am in a high-level mastermind group, and I’m so thankful for the excellent training and coaching I have received.

    Thank you so much for this awesome article, and I will be sharing with my friends.

    Have a great weekend,
    – Carol
    Carol Amato recently posted…10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Carol AmatoMy Profile

    1. Hey Carol,

      I feel really good to see you here taking out time and dropping a whole hearted comment. I had mentioned you guys here to give my readers some proof that there are some bloggers who are popular and they made their blog popular by following this way.

      Quality content is really important on both perspective Search engine as well as users. Visual appeal is necessary to have to develop an interst among reader via images, videos.

      Webinars is superb way of learning so many new things from your home i Too attend webinar and apply everything on my blog which i learn there.

      Once again thanks
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Make Your Blog Popular in 60 daysMy Profile

  12. Hi Suprabhat,

    Sorry for my tardiness getting by here, I’m only allowing myself so many days for blog commenting now and boy are they filling up quickly!

    I appreciate you putting me on the list of popular blogs, thank you so much. That happened purely by accident but what a wonderful accident to have right!

    As I was going down your list though I was kind of chuckling to myself because so much of it I have never really done but look at me now. As I said, this happened by accident but it all started with making those connections with other bloggers. I just started visiting their blogs and reading their content. I was SO amazed at what they were sharing and what I was learning. How can you not appreciate that.

    I would take what I was learning and apply it myself and start getting some awesome results. Then I wanted to praise those bloggers for having helped me and it’s just snowballed from there.

    I do agree that today with all the different blogs out there vying for our attention we each have to stand out in our own way. The blog definitely has to be appealing, the content has to be top notch, the grammar has to be in place, the load time has to be quick and the blog owner has to respond to all comments.

    We each have to stand out by being helpful, genuine and caring individuals. By wanting to help others because it’s the right thing to do and no other reason.

    That’s my two cents worth at least and I think it will take you very very far. Will it get you those kinds of results in 60 days? That I don’t know because my focus is on long-term results. Consistency my friend is the key to any type of success. 😉

    Great share Suprabhat and again, thanks for the mention. I’m truly honored.

    Adrienne recently posted…6 Superstar Bloggers Share Why Blog Communities Are VitalMy Profile

  13. Hello, Suprabhat,

    What a fantastic blog post title. I couldn’t agree more with all of the points you made.

    Your kind mention of me and my site is very much appreciated, thank you! You’re right about creating a blog that grows quickly …taking hard work…and the ‘quickly’ part is subjective. 😉

    High quality content is a must, I couldn’t agree more! Having the goal of making your site aesthetically appealing is essential in this day and age, and goes a long way to encourage a certain visitor flow as well.

    Thank you for the encouragement about blogging communities, I have heard of all the ones mentioned but have not been very active on two of them. This is a great reminder. I will definitely be ramping up my webinar schedule in 2015 which is an awesome way to give value and get traffic.

    I enjoyed your article, and appreciate you including me.

    Have a wonderful evening, and I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂

    – Carol
    Carol Amato recently posted…CarolAmato.com Celebrates 4 YearsMy Profile

  14. Thanks for sharing…! It is really nice article about blog marketing. Well, I know poll up your blog so fast. The domain is new but the traffic grow very very fast. Actually, I really love your article. I am agree the quality content is really important about working with blogging. Also, you know? The most important is build the community, blogging is not to isolate. I love guest but I wrote so poor thus it is hard to find guest blog.
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…Santa TrackerMy Profile

  15. You have correctly pointed out the steps that every blogger must take to grow his/her blog quickly. Specially Blog engagement and connecting with readers is a must. Also the mistake that we all do when we launch a new blog is that instead of trying to make it an authorative blog, we focus on quick traffic tactics, which creates issues in the long run.

    Keep the good work on.
    Sarvesh recently posted…How-to Upgrade HTC Desire 820 to Android 5.0 LollipopMy Profile

  16. Hi Suprabhat,
    Thanks for these 10 points,
    You really shared a key of blogging.
    I learn one point from this post and that is, communicate with people on social networking sites, through blogging community or other source. and this is the point thought which you can drive more and more traffic for your site.

    Any way thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Congratulation Messages for GraduationMy Profile

  17. Informative content indeed. These are the best steps that helps newbies to rank & grow their blog quickly.
    Writing & updating the blogs is the best thing a blogger can do. Guest posting is the safest way to build links and it helps to improve the search engine ranking.
    Overall, a great piece of article.

  18. thanks for such a great advice.
    i am also blogger. i am blogging for earn money online through affiliate marketing. but still cant be succeeded. i always appreciate your support.

  19. Here in this post I got some idea for my blog how to popular in 60days .I am writing blog but not getting any popularity on my blogs after reading your blog I got some useful information. thanks for the blog

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