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Many students are fed up of getting assignment after assignment when they are given such a short deadline to complete them. If you are fed up of your assignment and want to get away from all the stress, you have the option to hire an essay writing company. Placing an order with the essay writing company is easy and only takes a few minutes. You just need to give the essay writing company the instruction for the essay question and wait until the deadline to download the paper. There is no need to guide the writer to write the paper.

There are representatives available to evaluate your order details and assign a suitable writer at anytime. Within minutes, your essay paper will be assigned to a writer and you will receive an email that informs you that your order is on the way to completion on the deadline. The essay writing company has its own team of researchers and writers. The researcher is responsible for compiling facts from various resources while the writer’s job is to write the paper.


You can provide inputs on any suggestions you have for the paper and the writer will take note of them when writing the paper. Many essay writing companies offer revision policy for their services. In the revision policy, you can get free revision if the writer did not follow your instruction to write the paper. You may be charged with an additional fee if you want revision because you forgot to include some information in the instruction. Get more details at

You don’t have to worry that the writers hired by the essay writing company are not good enough to handle your essay paper. They have strict procedure for testing their writers. Each writer will have to take a test that will test their English skill before they are allowed to join the team. They will also take other types of tests that test their knowledge of the citation styles such as APA and Harvard. Besides, each writer that want to join the essay writing company team must also submit a sample paper which will be evaluated based on a strict criteria.

If you are choosy about the writer, you may want to request a sample from the writer that is assigned on working your paper. Not all essay writing companies allow you to request samples from the writers. Some allows you to request a sample from their writers for free while others don’t. As you scroll through the writers’ profile, you can easily see which writers are diligent and have the highest rate of approval from customers.

It is important to check the background of the essay writing company before ordering. You don’t want to hire the wrong company that use content generation tool to generate your essay paper. The content generation software will take random texts from several sources to craft your essay paper so that it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, you should also stay away from essay writing company that sells ready essays. The ready essay probably has been sold many times to several students before so they are not unique.

You should check the education background of the writer to make sure that he is qualified to handle your essay paper. You can ask for samples written by the writers to determine his skill in performing research as well as how creative he is in his writing style. It can be hard to find the right essay writing company when each one claims to be offering the best essay writing services on the web. If you have friends who use essay writing services before, they could probably make some good referrals to you.

If you have a large essay assignment to outsource and you are afraid of choosing the wrong writer, you can first order a one page essay in a 1 day deadline as a sample. This allows you to really see for yourself the writing skill of the writer and determine whether to place a real order for the big essay assignment.

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